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1 gallon weed grow

like the title says im curious to see what my fellow canagraphers can yiled using only a 1 gallon pot?


I ran across a thread that said yield is equal to pot size, so a 1gal pot can yield about 1oz; 2gal pot, 2oz; etc.. But then, a few posts have claimed to pull out larger amounts from pots.


I dont care what medium, what type of system i just want to know how much you guys have pulled or averaged using only a 1 gallon containment system per plant.

1 gallon weed grow

I have recently started doing specific sizes during my grows. if you have notice in my journals that i’ve i kept at least one plant at full size in a 1 gal pot and 1 in a 2 gal pot. to see difference in yield from change in container size not plant size. but as well as one is Indica and the other sativa. but with only 2 plants of each kinda size container i really only have 2 sets of test subjects. i was wondering if anybody would like to help me out with this.

and the yields i have and are still in the process of are really just numbers cause i dont have anything to compare.

1 gallon weed grow

Recommended: 315 LEC grow light (gets hot but yields up to a pound).

CFLs, T5s, and Other Fluorescent Lighting: 0.25-0.5g/watt
HPS, LED, LEC: 0.5-1g+/watt

Light Size

Recommended: HLG 300 or Electric Sky 300 – Yields 5-10+ oz on average (up to 16 oz). This 300W HLG LED (pictured is the old version, the new version is a rectangle) produced excellent results in a 3’x3′ grow tent by grower Depthchargeseeds.

This Ultimate Auto produced just under 4 oz, which is the most I’ve ever yielded out of a 2-gallon container

Grow Lights and Yield Estimates

Solo Cup (drinking cup)