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50w led grow light weed

50w led grow light weed

it seems they can change to all sorts of reds blues and purples. which by my knowledge are required for photo synthesis.

I’ve had them in for 3 days and haven’t seen much growth. not sure if I’m using the wrong spectrum of light or if I need to get another one of these bad boys. maybe 3.

Hi guys. taken a huge interest in growing with LED. i have just setup my Closet for a little experiment.

I do however want to transfer them to 5 litre plastic plant bags hoping that they might just need more space.

While I have done countless research on using LED j found myself coming to post my experiment and see if some experienced growers with LED might be able to lend me a bit of advice.

I took 8 of my balcony sprouts that were eaten by my cat lol. left them about 2 weeks to recover but ideally I’m just testing the viablility of growing with this light before I purchase more of them. they’re quite inexpensive and VERY bright.

I found this 50 watt LED flood light. I have no idea if it’s going to work but it seems to be able to provide a full spectrum of colours.

50w led grow light weed

These units are extremely powerful (90-100 PAR), as well as heating up quickly, therefore require active cooling to prevent them from burning out.

50W of raw power, connecting 4 together is the same as a 200W grow light, as well as costs a fraction of the price.

Building your own grow light:

The use of a COB LED Optics Lens will help to spread the light more directly downwards.

This chips are super simple to wire as they requires SOLDERING. Simply use a solder iron to connect up two wires, LIVE and NEUTRAL (terminals labeled) and it is time to grow!

Other Chip on Boards available.

This 50W COB LED requires soldering as well as being powerful. Simply add a LIVE and NEUTRAL wire to labeled terminals on the unit, making sure the wire are secured using solder and you’re good to go.