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a weed is a flower growing in the wrong place

A weed is a flower growing in the wrong place

A tasty salad – all from “weeds”

My grandmother often used to say that God created all, and it was good. I think she must have read that somewhere. A banyan tree in the park is great, but when one sprouts up in your roof

The young shoots may be boiled and used as a vegetable dish, used cooked in salads or stews. The leaves may also be dried and cooked later. A close relative is the kookoolau which was used by Hawaiians as a healing tea. It is again gaining popularity and may be found at some health food stores. Many grasses are edible, especially the rapidly growing sprout or shoot of larger growing types. Bamboo is an example.

They come and go as man or his animals disturb the soil. Just as man has traveled and dominated the land, so have these species benefited from his activities. Because of their origin so close to the activities of man, many weeds have been discovered to be edible, or medicinal and indeed are used locally by diverse cultures throughout the world. So when you go out to pull weeds, don’t forget they could be for dinner. For example, one of our most common weeds is the Spanish needle (Bidens pilosa).

Once weeds get established in lawns, they are difficult to control. Product availability is changing so fast with pesticide misuse concerns that it is difficult to make general recommendations. Check with your local garden shop or call the Master Gardener Hotline on Thursday mornings at (808) 322-4892 for specific problems. Just like the three “Rs” of learning, we find some very important “Rs” related to the application of herbicides. These “Rs” are: the right material, at the right time, in the right amount, applied in the right way.

When it comes to turf, high quality, weed-free cuttings or seed, properly established is important. Purchasing and using soil that is not infested with perennial weeds like nut sedge or torpedo grass is also a basis for preventing weeds in a new lawn. After that, proper management practices that result in a dense, vigorous turf will aid in preventing weeds.

These pioneer species grow rapidly and often compete with what we may consider more desirable species. They mature large quantities of seed, and are often difficult to control. Weeds are often described as undesired plants, plants growing out of place, or plants that are a nuisance. Both the characteristics and the definitions of weeds emphasize that they are plants closely related to man.

Unfortunately, we sometimes find the plants are used in an inappropriate manner. Then they may be referred to as weeds. Examples of this are the tobacco plant, digitalis and even certain mushrooms. These plants can be used as medicines or poisons.. So it is not that the plant is intrinsically bad, it is that we have misused it. The digitalis plant may be used to poison someone or in the proper amount, it may be used to saves lives.

Understanding all the instructions of an herbicide label to be sure it will control your specific problem without injuring your plants is as vital as using the right amounts. Safety margins may be smaller than you think. To apply pesticides in the right way, you must choose equipment that will give proper coverage. Spray jars that attach to your garden hose are good where you need to apply nutritional sprays, fungicides or insecticides to the lawn or garden.

A weed is a flower growing in the wrong place

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