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abc cannabis seeds

Strain: ABC (Australian Bastard Cannabis)
Region:New South Wales
Latitude: grown at 49° N
Height: 1 to 1.80 metres
Vegetative: 16 – 18 weeks
Flowering: 13 – 14 weeks
Harvest: December at latitude 49°N
Aromas: lemon, slightly floral, slightly spicy, hash, rubber
Effects: mild sativa high, active, stimulating
Grow type: Outdoors, indoor
Characteristics: purple buds, palmate leaves, thin flexible branches, cold resistant,

ABC ripens in 90 days from the beginning of flowering under suitable conditions. If the autumn is cold, the flowering phase will be significantly extended. Buds create many foxtails. At 49 north latitude, where these plants were grown, it begins to bloom in early September and ripens in the first half of December.

ABC shows a specific leaf mutation that instead of the classic leaves with serrated leaflets form shiny and tiny palmate leaves that have an irregular shape and size, some even resembling imparipinnate leaves. Compact height, with many thin flexible branches, it grows very densely. ABC shows resistance to adverse conditions, especially resistance to night temperature drops. In cold weather, the buds turn slightly purple. Australian bastard cannabis is a vital sativa greatly affected by its unusual mutation, which has been shown to be adaptive to the inhospitable conditions of the east coast of Australia.

This is a strain you can grow in your front yard and NO ONE would ever know its a weed plant.

This strain is right up there with FREAKSHOW and STEALTH FIGHTER.

OTHER NOTES: We scored a batch of these ABC seeds from a grower overseas. We have an extremely limited supply and limited information about them. We do know that unlike the original strain from Humboldt, this version is stable and all plants will exhibit the mutation. We also noticed that usually the flowers will go red (and sometimes purple) when night time temps drop at least 15C.

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