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alien dawg seeds

Alien dawg seeds


Alien Dawg Hybrid strain hails from a mix of Alien Technology and Chemdawg D . Alien Dawg mix creates buds that are light green in color, yet appear almost a yellow color due to the abundance of trichomes . Pre-grind the buds give off a citrus aroma, grinding the bud brings out the kushy aroma mixed with the already present citrus scent. Patients have reported that Alien Dawg Strain works especially well for nerve pain and spasms. Alien Dawg is good news as it is sometimes very hard to track down a singular strain that will fit your individual problem. When Alien Dawg is smoked, a soft taste similiar to berry and pine can be detected, with effects taking between twenty and thirty minutes to fully take hold. Patients can expect to be in an energetic, yet relaxed state once the peak has been reached. When growing Alien Dawg Strain out it finishes the flowering period somewhere between nine and ten weeks depending on enviromental conditions. Growers can expect a high yield from this plant and it only needs a couple weeks in the vegging cycle . Alien Dawg will quickly get large on you, so if you want huge plants, just extend the veg cycle a couple weeks. You will also get significant stretch in the first phases of the flowering cycle .

Growing Alien Dawg Marijuana is Moderate

Alien dawg seeds

As mentioned, Alien Dawg boasts of its parents’ powerful kerosine-like fragrance. There’s more to it than its fuelly essence, though. Once lit, the ganja’s pine, blue cheese, and citrus musk also become evident. Then, as the fume journeys into the mouth, a sour taste with hints of spice and earthy pine will emerge.

Odor and Flavors

Alien Dawg gives an out of this world experience to its fortunate tokers. On first toke, an elating cerebral buzz will hit almost instantly. The feeling of enhanced creativity will also catch the attention of the users. How can it go unnoticed when suddenly abstract ideas are popping up left and right?


Alien Dawg showcases its Indica beauty at every angle. More branchy than leggy, it needs ample space to spread its lateral limbs. Its short but strong arms never have a problem holding its large, dank colas with pride. However, onlookers may fail to notice their sturdiness as they hide behind a lush deep green foliage.