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arthur grows weed

Arthur grows weed

"There's a lot to do actually," said Osborne. "It's fun. It's fun to grow things. I mean, this is just another plant."

Osborne, owner of Corn Hill Nursery near Petitcodiac, asked cannabis expert Randy Flemming to lead the workshop about growing the plant.

Bob Osborne says more people want to grow marijuana, though Cannabis NB says its seeds are poor sellers

"There is this sort of disconnect between growing your own and the availability of all this material," said Osborne.

Short supply

Recreational use of cannabis became legal in Canada last October. The law allows adults to grow four plants per household, although there are restrictions in some other provinces.

Award: $423
Criteria: Junior or senior with GPA of 2.5 or higher who exhibits strong leadership characteristics and organizational skills
Representative: MINN-DAK Farmers Co-op

John Breker Crop Science Scholarship Fund

Awards: Two $1,000 scholarships
Criteria: Available to students in CAFSNR with preference given to Crop and Weed Sciences students. Resident of ND, SD or MN who has taken PLSC 320 (Principles of Forage Production course) and has at least one semester remaining in college career; minimum GPA 3.0
Representative: Dr. Dwain Meyer

Dwain W. Meyer Scholarship*

Award: $500
Criteria: Upperclassman from North Dakota; active member of NDSU Agronomy Club; GPA 3.0 or higher
Representatives: Warren and Sharon Engstrom