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Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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If you’ve been thinking about growing your own marijuana, an auto flowering variety is a good starting point. These seeds will flower without changing light conditions and grow faster than regular plants.

Autoflowering seeds have a lot of benefits for those new to growing cannabis plants. They are perfect because they automatically flower, meaning you won’t spend time learning about complicated light setups that can be tricky and confusing at times. With autoflowers all the feminized seedlings will start flowering without needing any assistance from male pollen so when it does happen there is no risk of inbreeding or loss-making hybridizing with regular strains as opposed to female-only strains which require careful care if grown alongside males even just until flowers form on females!

The autoflowering seeds are the perfect way to ease into growing cannabis. You can plant them in a pot on your window ledge and you will be surprised by how well they grow! They need no care other than water, sunlight, fertilization (if desired), airflow, or ventilation, which means that even beginner gardeners have an opportunity to experience success with this strain of marijuana plants.

When the cold, harsh winter comes around in northern Eurasia, Cannabis Ruderalis plants are more prepared to survive than any other type of cannabis plant. The reason? Years ago when these pot-loving plants were first discovered by breeders and growers across Europe or Russia – this was back before electricity existed! And so they decided that instead of waiting for light from the sun (which is hard to come by up north) autoflowering strains would flower based on time regardless of its daytime or nighttime.

In the modern cannabis industry, you will find all sorts of high-quality Sativa and Indica strains that have been mixed with Ruderalis traits. This makes these plants an excellent choice for many growers because they are much easier to grow than other varieties – making autoflowers a viable option in any garden!


Growing autoflowering seeds can be beneficial for those who want to grow more cannabis, due not only to the increase of harvests over time but also because they are easier and faster to cultivate. Autoflowers have a notable advantage when grown outdoors as their fast growth means you could potentially harvest twice in one year if given enough space. Indoors it is possible that with ideal temperatures throughout the year, growers might get even more than two annual harvests each season. However, this would depend on factors such as how much light plants receive during different seasons or what type of nutrients your soil has been supplemented with.

Without a doubt, autoflowering seeds grow much faster than regular cannabis seeds. Indoors these marijuana plants can go from germination to maturity in less than ten weeks. However, some strains of the fast-growing weed live up to their name better and may be worth checking out if you’re looking for something even quicker. We all love growing our own crop at home but there’s no reason to spend more time on it that we need to!

Want to make your cannabis plants hardy and resistant? Get autoflowering seeds! These cannabis seeds grow into hearty, resilient plants that are difficult to mess up because they don’t need as much care. Your crops will be frost-free, pest-resistant. Making it easy for any beginner gardener who wants a successful plant.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a popular option among marijuana growers. They have their pros and cons, but here’s what you can expect from them:


Auto flowering seeds are the best choice for many first-time growers because they’re easy to grow, and have a lot of benefits. 3 reasons are selected auto flower cannabis seeds:

Autoflowering seeds are one of the more recent developments in cannabis cultivation. Unlike most typical marijuana plants, which need a specific light cycle to begin flowering (namely 12 hours on and 12 off), autoflowers will flower no matter what kind of conditions they’re given! This means that if you can’t grow your pot under ideal lighting or temperature-controlled settings, these weed seedlings still have an excellent chance at producing some dank nugs for you.

When the days grow shorter and it gets a bit colder, your cannabis plant knows that fall is just around the corner. The traditional photoperiod plants use this as their cue to start flowering to prepare for winter while autoflowering seeds don’t need any outside triggers!

Ruderalis plants are short-lived in the cold, so they had to grow quickly during their brief growing season. Breeders took advantage of this and bred them with other strains that were also fast growers because these hybrids would have a much longer lifespan than Ruderals themselves.

The rapid growth cycle of Ruderalis has made it popular for breeding, as its offspring will be able to live out more generations before going into dormancy like most Cannabis species do after one or two years.

Autoflowering weed is always a great option for those in need of quick and easy access to quality marijuana. This type of plant typically takes about nine weeks before it’s ready, but some varieties mature even faster than that!

When you are growing marijuana in your home, people won’t be able to keep their eyes off the plants. Even if they have a fence! The 5-foot tall plant will make it hard for even professional growers who like to play guerilla with their weed stash when grown indoors without outside help from neighbors or passersby.

Indica dominant autoflowers are a great choice for those who want an inconspicuous plant. You can combine both Ruderalis and Indica to create a short, discreet grow. Perfect for anyone looking to stay under the radar. For this reason, Sativa-dominant hybrids with some Ruderalis background will also be shorter as autoflowers due to their hybrid’s ability to grow small while still being potent.


Want a higher yield from your marijuana plants? Autoflowering seeds may not be the way to go. They are less potent and produce on average 50% lesser yields than other strains of cannabis cultivars making them undesirable for those looking for high potency or economical growing methods that increase volume quickly due to their shorter life cycles.

Three things to consider before you grow or buy autoflowering seeds online.

A Cannabis Ruderalis plant, which is the ancestor of today’s marijuana plants and has good survival adaptations like speed, was never known for its yield since it only grew very quickly without time to produce a lot of flowers. However, they still managed in conditions no other species could handle!

Knowing the facts about autoflowers and strains can help you decide on your next grow. Autoflowering plants are known for being productive, but they also have lower yields than traditional marijuana that is not bred specifically to be an auto flowering plant. If yield matters most to you in determining which strain will work best with your needs then it’s important to consider all factors before making a final choice.

Marijuana plants are very delicate. They need time and light to reach their highest potency, but they have evolved so that these two things do not necessarily go hand-in-hand anymore. A type of marijuana plant called Ruderalis has managed to survive in less than ideal conditions for growth – namely indoors with limited access to natural sunlight – yet it still manages to produce a potent crop when given the opportunity!

Cannabis seeds are optimized for sunlight. When the sun is undiminished, they grow until it fades and then stop growing to flower instead of continuing their growth cycle like Ruderalis plants do. This characteristic makes them more susceptible to weaker strains since when there’s less light available, cannabis will automatically start flowering. Autoflowers have a similar property because they also know how much light or lack thereof was received during its early stages in life. This means autoflowering cultivators can make mistakes with their strain without worrying about stunting development due to insufficient lighting conditions- especially if you happen upon an autoflower seed!

For those who need medical marijuana, autoflower seeds are a great option for a quick and reliable supply. However, many people opt out of these because they do not want to risk potency issues that can affect the quality of their medicines. If you’re willing to spend more money on your weed though, there is an alternative with both reliability AND consistency in its potency: feminized cannabis plants!

If you want to grow a high-yielding autoflowering cannabis plant, look for varieties that do well in low light. If your goal is potency and not yields then supplement with an HPS or LED lamp.

If purity matters most of all to you when it comes to autoflowers, seek out organic strains bred specifically for indoor growers without any genetic modifications made by breeders looking only at yield potentials instead of the desired qualities like smell and flavor which are nearly absent from today’s commercialized offerings (especially those grown indoors).


Would you like to know how much autoflower seed yields? Well, they produce a lot of buds. You can’t mess it up! Autos actually come from plants that were bred for survival. Unlike their cousin Sativas who grow in equatorial regions just before flowering and producing massive flowers.

The best conditions are not always possible. You won’t have to worry if you’re happy with the legal limit in most states, as your plant will still grow!

For more successful yields with autoflowers, it’s all about the size of your pot. When you’re growing in containers that are too small for its root system or receiving less light than if grown outdoors, yield is bound to be affected. But when given a larger container and better lighting conditions- even people who have never had grow experience before will get great results!

Plants need both light and nutrients to grow well. The higher intensity of the light, the bigger your plants will be overall. While it is also possible for you to give them a boost with some nutrient side-dressing. To do this indoors, think about increasing how much intense light they receive or adding some type of fertilizer that contains nitrogen among other things like phosphorus and potassium are two good choices!

Autoflowering plants are a great option for those who want to grow weed but don’t know-how. These plants take care of themselves, sometimes requiring only watering every few days and some occasional trimming! But even if you do nothing at all, these little guys can still spit out around 4-7 ounces per plant in optimal conditions. That’s more than enough pot to last any smoker through the winter months.


One reason people love autoflowering seeds is that they don’t have to worry about light management. With traditional strains, you need to monitor the amount of time your plant receives light because it needs a specific number of hours for them to grow and flourish properly. Autoflowers do not rely on any type of lights as an indicator so there’s no worrying about scheduling how much or what kind of lighting plants receive – these little wonders are all grown with natural sunlight!

Although autoflowers require less light than other plants, you still need to make sure they receive enough for them to grow as big and produce the best yields. Give your cannabis plant plenty of natural or artificial light so that it can reach its full potential!


Autoflowering seeds are like a survivor. They don’t need to depend on you, but they’ll grow better if you provide them with the right environment from day one and let them do what it’s natural for all plants to do – grow.

The best temperature to grow autoflowers is somewhere between 75-86 degrees Fahrenheit. The closer your plant gets to 86, the better it will thrive. However, some strains may prefer a bit colder temperatures. Always research what specific needs are required of your plants when creating its environment for optimal results! Make sure you can create this warm and humid air before planting seedlings as well especially if they’re being grown in areas with high humidity like California or Florida!

A clean and comfortable home can be a perfect environment for your plants. You don’t have to worry about the sun or temperature because you get to control these factors, so it isn’t an issue at all! Plus, if you take care of them they will grow fast enough that there won’t even need time from the seedling stage right up until harvesting in one go.


It is so important to start with high-quality seeds for any plant, and autoflowering plants are no exception. These flowers have a shorter time span than their traditional counterparts in which they can grow out of problem areas on the seeds before it becomes too late. The quality of your harvest will be at risk if you don’t heed these warnings!

You might not know that a seed bank is a place to go for all your marijuana needs. They will be able to provide you with everything from discreet shopping, expert knowledge, and worldwide shipping no matter where in the world you live!

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