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Everything you should know about autoflower marijuana seeds

All cannabis seeds are different. If we’re talking about auto flowering seeds, they differ significantly from the common options. They grow much quicker and remain smaller than most cannabis plants.

As a rule, autoflowering seeds are ideal for the beginners in the field of cannabis growing. As you can see from the name, they flower automatically. Therefore, you won’t have to waste your time learning what to do with them. You should know that all our options are feminized seeds, which makes the growing process easier.

For this reason, we recommend these marijuana seeds even for the newcomers. Even if you’re sure that you’re unable to grow a plant, you will manage to grow this one. Autoflower seeds will grow in any conditions. You can plant them both indoors and outdoors.

How can these plants be so strong?

Easy. The thing is, autoflowering seeds originated from the Cannabis Ruderalis plant, which grows in the north of Eurasia. It represents a combination of Sativas and Indicas. In Moscow, where plenty of light and nice weather is very rare, cannabis plants grew fast even in poor conditions. In contrast to Indica and Sativa, they flower in a specific time (irrespective of the light cycle).

Today, one can find lots of varieties of extremely popular Sativa and Indica strains, which have been combined with Ruderalis traits. This makes such strains much easier to cultivate. Therefore, autoflowering marijuana seeds are a perfect option for many growers.

Benefits of autoflowering seeds

In addition to the fact that they are much easier to cultivate, there are many other reasons why you should choose autoflower seeds. Such plants grow very quickly, which will bring you extra harvests. Autoflowering seeds can give a couple of harvests in one year (if you grow them in the open). If you grow them in your apartment, these plants will give you even more, as in this case, you’ll be able to maintain excellent temperatures throughout the year.

As a rule, autoflowering seeds grow much quicker than common marijuana seeds. Indoors, these cannabis seeds can reach maturity in about two months. Still, some autoflower seeds grow quicker than the rest. If your goal is to grow plants as fast as possible, make sure to choose the fastest-growing option. You don’t want to waste your precious time, do you?

Another benefit of autoflowering seeds is their endurance. These marijuana seeds turn into very strong plants! Your plants won’t be afraid of cold weather and pests. Therefore, we think that autoflowering seeds are the best option for beginners.

Although autoflowering marijuana seeds are perfect for the majority of cannabis growers, they still have their pros and cons.

Benefits of autoflowering marijuana seeds

For the majority of beginners, auto-flowering cannabis seeds are very easy to cultivate, and the advantages of cultivating auto-flowering cannabis plants significantly far outweigh the risks. If you’re going to cultivate medical seeds, or just need to harvest quickly, below are several reasons to opt for auto-flower seeds.

They don’t need light

Autoflowering seeds grow independently of the light cycle. Actually, they can grow without light. This doesn’t mean that you should cultivate such seeds in the dark. We just want to say that these plants will grow even in the poor conditions.

In most photoperiods, light serves as a trigger for the beginning of a new cycle of growth. As soon as a marijuana plant gets less light, it considers this as the beginning of autumn. Thus, insufficient light makes the plant start flowering. This doesn’t apply to autoflowering seeds, which makes them simple to grow.

Fast cultivation

Ruderalis plant usually grows in a cold weather. Therefore, this plant has a fast growing cycle, which allows you to benefit fully from its brief growing season. When the cultivators mixed these plants with Ruderalis and Indica strains, the seeds started to grow quickly as well.

The majority of autoflowering seeds give harvest in about two months (some of them even sooner). If your goal is to cultivate cannabis as quickly as possible, choose medical autoflower seeds, which can give you the top-quality marijuana very in a very short term.

Discreet nature

Not every breeder wants his/her cannabis plants to grow tall, particularly if you’re cultivating them inside the house. If you want to hide your precious plant from the prying eyes, choose autoflowering seeds.

Due to their low height, Ruderalis and Indica are the perfect options if you want to grow discreetly. If you mix these plants, you will get a small plant (it will be about 60 cm tall).

Drawbacks of autoflowering seeds

Experienced cannabis consumers and those aimed at potency and productivity usually avoid autoflowering seeds. If you google “high yield autoflowering seeds”, the list will be very short.

Autoflowering seeds aren’t perfect. Below you can find several drawbacks of autoflowering cannabis plants to take into account before starting to cultivate them or purchasing seeds in the Internet.

Lower productivity

You should know that such plants not always provide high yields. However, they grow quickly and can survive in any conditions. Nevertheless, if your main purpose is high yields, you should think about the traditional seeds.

Less robust

Cannabis plants require enough time and light to give their highest yield. Breeds need much time to get powerful weed. The Ruderalis plant can survive with less time. However, this had a negative effect on its potency.

Traditional marijuana seeds get the most out of sunlight. However, this doesn’t apply to Ruderalis. It stops growing and begin flowering regardless of the amount of sunlight it receives. The same goes for autoflowers, which is why the strain grows fast but turn out weak (especially if they don’t get enough light).

Energy absorption

If you want to grow quickly and get a potent and healthy plan, you should give it as much light as possible. Therefore, autoflowering seeds are perfect for indoor growing. If you grow a high yielding strain in a well-lit room, you will get high yields in a very short time. However, you should be prepared for a huge electric bill.

Yielding of autoflowering seeds

How much yield do the autoflowering seeds give? Well, autoflowers can offer a huge yield. Autoflowers originate from the plants that survive in any conditions.

Try to provide your seeds with excellent conditions, but if you can’t do it- no worries. It will still grow. If you’re satisfied with the harvest that is regarded as the legal limit in the majority of states, don’t worry.

Remember that even small changes can have a significant impact on the yield. For instance, a tiny pot on a windowsill has less room for its root system. As a consequence, it will get less light than the plant cultivated in the open. However, a larger pot and more light would yield more. That is to say, the size of the pot is of high importance when growing autoflowering seeds. If you take it into account, you will get excellent seeds even without any growing experience!

Other factors that improve yield are nutrients and light. Remember the main rule of growers: the more light, the larger and more powerful the plant. Thus, if you grow a plant indoors, you should just increase the intensity of light that your plants get to increase your yield. Another option is to buy nutrients to help your plants grow strong and healthy.

But even if you don’t do any of this, you will get a good yield. In the best possible conditions, autoflowering seeds can produce up to 7 ounces.

Do autoflowering seeds require much light?

The main benefit of autoflowering seeds is that the growers don’t have to worry about the light at all. Those who choose common strains have to control the light 24/7, which takes a lot of time and efforts. However, autoflowering seeds don’t depend so much on light, so you don’t have to worry about planning the light intensity.

However, you still have to make sure that your plant receives sufficient light. Remember that it is a plant, and even though it will grow without light, you need to ensure it receives enough light to grow as large as possible. If you choose autoflowers, you just need to give it as much as you can (it’s in your interest because the more light the plant receives, the better yield you will receive). Growing autoflowering seeds takes less time and efforts, which is why they’re optimal for beginners!

The optimal way to grow autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds are durable and can grow even in the most difficult conditions. However, the more favorable conditions you provide, the larger your harvest. Therefore, it is in your interest to concentrate on creating a perfect environment for your plant.

To start with, think about the temperature. The best temperature for autoflowering seeds is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Please research the needs of a specific plant that you want to grow, because different seeds prefer a bit different condition. However, most cultivators provide the plants with warm temperatures and low humidity in order to prevent mold. Before planting your seeds, make sure you can create a good environment to achieve excellent results.

If you cultivate indoors, this won’t be a problem. You can easily regulate the conditions and make it suitable for your plant. You can easily lower the temperature at night without negatively affecting the harvest. If you do everything to possible to create the perfect conditions, it will soon pay off with a great harvest.

How to purchase the best autoflowering seeds online?

Potent seeds grow into healthy plants. Therefore, it is essential to choose the top-quality seeds. This particularly applies to autoflowering plants since they have little time to grow.

Therefore, we recommend you purchase your seeds only from the proven seed banks. Online shops are perfect since they can offer the largest selection, confidentiality of shopping, as well as expert support. No matter where you purchase autoflower seeds, make sure that they are delivering worldwide. The best seed bank is the one that can deliver your product fast and safely. Look for a trustworthy company that can send top-quality seeds right to your doorstep.

We recommend you visit our BUSHWEEDO feedback page. Our purpose is to earn your trust. On our website, you can read lots of independent reviews. In addition, we provide a worldwide shipping and a support of our experts to help you with the cultivation. We will do our best to make your first autoflowering experience perfect.

Let’s grow marijuana from seeds

Are you afraid that your seeds will never grow into a health plant? Don’t worry! We realize that growing cannabis for the first time may be frightening. Therefore, the experts working in our online store are ready to help you whenever you need it. They will gladly explain you how to increase your yields or start cultivating without any experience.

However, we understand that you may have some questions our staff can’t cover. In this, we recommend you visit our support forum where you can publish your questions and get answers from the most experienced cultivators! We’re doing everything possible to make your growing experience as good as possible!

Thus, if you’ve never grown autoflowers before and have many questions, go to our forum! You’ll definitely find a few useful recommendations there. After several yields, you may think of refusing from dispensary weed.

The best soil for growing autoflowering seeds

Our recommendation is to purchase the high-quality organic soil.