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avi seeds

Avi seeds

Is this the best price on which I can buy it ?

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Yes, it is perfectly safe to buy this online

Pramix 5 in 1 Roasted Super Seeds Mix for Eating – Sunflower, Pumpkin, Flax Seed, Watermelon, White till, 400g

Can I buy this product online ?

Yes, but you can pay online and try different payment wallets for cashbacks

AVI CRAVE Black Sunflower Seeds for Birds(1000 gm ) Reviews

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Yes, you can return this product, however the product should be in good shape

Avi seeds

Poor nutrition affects many body functions, including liver, reproduction, breathing, heart, and more. Ursula Gamez/Unsplash

Another nutrient that is important for normal reproductive processes but is minimal in seed-based diets is vitamin A. A lack of vitamin A can lead to changes to the oviduct and the glandular tissues in this organ, leading to difficulties during the egg-laying process.

Liver Disease

An area of growing concern for avian veterinarians is cardiovascular health. A disease known as atherosclerosis is becoming more and more commonly diagnosed in pet birds. In this disease, blood vessels develop plaques of fatty and inflammatory debris, leading to a narrowing of the size of the blood vessel internally. This can result in poor blood flow to various organs and numerous signs may occur. Weakness, exercise intolerance, neurologic disorders such as wobbly walking, and difficulty breathing are all signs owners may encounter. Sadly, some birds don’t even show signs of illness and are found dead.

One of the most common problems veterinarians manage in pet birds is liver disease. Liver disorders arise from various causes, but one of the most common syndromes is hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease). Too much fat within the liver leads to inappropriate liver function. Birds who have this as a problem can show a reduction in appetite, quiet behavior, and regurgitation. The white part to their droppings can take on a greenish color. Some birds will have their beak grow quickly and be flaky when they develop a liver disorder.

Respiratory Problems

As pellets have become more popular among bird owners, birds are living longer and having fewer nutritional problems arise. But what is it that really makes pellets better than seeds as a dietary option? Any avian veterinarian will tell you that they see many birds come into their hospital for care because of illnesses related to poorly balanced, seed-based, diets. Let’s explore a few of these.