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award winning cannabis seeds

Award winning cannabis seeds

Overall, the Cheese strain offers growers of all skill levels an enormous harvest of trichome-packed buds. Furthermore, the flavor, aroma, and potency are all beyond top-shelf. Lastly, the fast flowering time of Cheese is the icing-on-the-cake for most cultivators.

Although Super Silver Haze ranks fourth place in our guide for High Times’ seeds and strains, it deserves any cannabis-connoisseurs’ utmost attention.

Although Super Silver Haze flowers in 10-11-weeks, it’s beyond worth it. Lastly, beginners can grow a healthy crop of Super Silver Haze with the ScrOG method’s help.

#9 Cannatonic

Cannatonic presents a nearly 1:1 THC/CBD ratio, which is perfect to experience the entourage effect. The judges at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup agreed, giving Cannatonic the coveted first-place prize.

Super Silver Haze is the ultimate sativa-dominant hybrid that money can buy. If you find genuine Super Silver Haze seeds for sale, it’s a no-brainer to load up on this Cannabis Cup winning strain.

#6 MK Ultra

Cannatonic is a CBD-dominant cannabis strain that took home the best CBD flower award at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Growers of all skill levels enjoy the resilience and growth characteristics of MK Ultra. MK Ultra grows up to 150cm and unleashes a flurry of gorgeously dense buds. Furthermore, the trichome coverage on MK Ultra’s flowers is enough to make an extract artist jump for joy.

We are not the official cannabis cup seed bank for High Times. Instead, we build relationships with the breeders who won these cannabis cup tournaments so that we can carry the same strains for sale in seeds. We made it easy to quickly see all of the previous Cannabis Cup winners with the option to buy their seeds. These can definitely be considered some of the best cannabis seeds available because of their proven genetics winning competitions. An Example of one Cannabis Cup Seed winner is the Bubble Gum strain which smells like its actual name.

Cannabis Cup winners is not your ordinary weed, expect an exotic outcome when growing these marijuana seeds. Find rare cannabis seeds on this list that are not easy to come by, but thanks to our networking we’ve made it possible to include them in our 420 seed bank. Find a vast selection of all of many of the pass High Times cannabis cup winners available in our seed bank.

Remember, you can filter your weed seeds search even further by using our seed selector on the left – look for award winning autoflowering seeds, indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds, and even super strength marijuana strains!

Cannabis Cup Winners

Here at Seed City, you can browse our Cannabis Cup Winners seeds safe in the knowledge that you won’t find them for a lower price anywhere else online! Your prize winning cannabis seeds will also be delivered to your door with ultra discreet shipping.

Below is our current selection of cannabis strain seeds that have won the High Times competition, or another marijuana tournament. There has been a rise in cannabis competitions being hosted around the world and we try and include the winners in our Seed Bank. Let us know if you have any weed seeds request via email or our Instagram. We strive to have the best collection of Pot Seeds that are known for being the best by winning competitions. These are definitely some of the best marijuana seeds in 2019 below.

Thankfully for cannabis collectors and connoisseurs, there are many cannabis seed awards, cups, prizes, and other forms of recognition for great marijuana genetics. If you’re looking for the best of the best, award winning cannabis seeds, then you’ll be please to know that in this section you will only find marijuana seeds that have WON a High Times Cannabis Cup! Our vast collection of pot seeds contains many award-winning cannabis strains, including extremely popular varieties like AK 47 cannabis seeds, Super Skunk cannabis seeds, and Blue Cheese cannabis seeds.

We have a proven reputation on Trustpilot for being one of the best cannabis seed banks online. Don’t just take our word for it, we encourage you to read the many positive reviews from our customers. We strive to provide our customers with accurate cannabis strains that they are seeking.