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bad weed seeds

Bad weed seeds

If you’re feeling ambitious you can take the seeds out of your pot and try to grow from them. Here are a couple tips for determining whether or not to grow with the seeds you find:

Before you buy, you need to understand that genetics are a very important factor in your overall health, but you can change it based on your lifestyle habits. The effort that the grower puts in after the harvest plays an important role in the overall well-being of the weed. You want the weed that was properly cared for, trimmed, and processed otherwise it won’t get you the high you want.

Saving the Seeds

The term sinsemilla is derived from the Spanish words “sin” (meaning “without”) and “semilla” (meaning “seed”) to mean as stated, without seed. This word has been associated with seedless cannabis flower since the 1970’s in North America but there is some evidence of it dating back further to countries like India! To clear up a few myths; sinsemilla is NOT a strain or genetics. It’s a female cannabis plant that has not been exposed to male plants (aka not fertilized).

In other words, it simply reflects the type of bud we all strive to get; seedless.

Before You Buy

The best way to avoid seedy weed is to grow your own. If that isn’t possible, purchase from a qualified vendor and not just your friend’s brother down the street. If you’re purchasing from a reputable establishment online or offline you will be able to verify the quality beforehand. You can ask questions to figure out how well the plant was treated and you can avoid otherwise low quality weed.

Bad weed seeds

If you have marijuana seeds that have already gone bad, no amount of darkness, low humidity or low temperature conditions will reverse that.

Cold temperatures are best, but you don’t want it too cold, either. If the seeds freeze, they can also go bad, unless you have the equipment to freeze them rapidly.

Worst of all are fluctuations in the environment. To keep seeds from going bad, you want to store them under steady conditions. If the environmental conditions change, they wreak havoc on the seed’s chemical processes, because it will, again, think it needs to begin germination and use up its nutrient reserves.

One trick you can try is to use sandpaper to scrape off some of the outer layer. This creates small abrasions so that moisture can enter the seeds. It can help in cases where the shell has hardened to the point that moisture can no longer enter effectively.

How To Save Bad Weed Seeds

Maybe you’ve tried germinating some old cannabis seeds, but nothing happened.

Either way, this has left you wondering if marijuana seeds go bad.

Most likely, the seeds are lost. Don’t buy from bad seed shops, like the Dutch seed shop, in the future. However, there are a few things you can try, if it has already been a few days and the seeds are showing no sign of hatching.

Environmental Fluctuations

We’ll answer that question below. We’ll also give you tips to keep seeds from going bad and to maximize your chances of successful germination.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly why seeds can go bad. Then we’ll look at the primary factors that lead to a seed going bad and follow that with some tips to help you prevent this from happening.