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banana dream seeds

Banana Dream Strain helps to improve sleep and cope with the loss of appetite. Although marijuana can also help relieve:

Banana Dream is a reasonably rare 70/30 Sativa-dominant hybrid. It was named after the parental strains Blue Dream and Banana Cheese. The marijuana breeder is Aficionado Seeds. Due to its high THC levels, the strain is unlikely to be suitable for beginners, but rather for experienced smokers. The excellent mix of terpenes created a perfect flavor profile and significantly influenced the effects of marijuana. The nutty flavor is available because of ocimene, and nerolidol gave the weed a tar taste. Limonene and humulene give you a head-spinning strawberry and lavender flavor.

Banana Dream has a long-lasting high that, when combined with the flavor, can make cannabis your favorite one. CBD levels reach 1% maximum, while THC ranges from 18 to 22.5% of the content. The best time to consume this weed is in the afternoon.

Despite the prevalence of Sativa, this high is more like Indica. The exception is the energy boost that users feel at first. As the buzz continues, consumers begin to giggle and become more talkative, which encourages pleasant conversations. After that, the body becomes very relaxed, but it is not chained to the couch at the proper dosage. However, if you ignore the rules, you may experience:

Common Usage

This plant is a small bush, up to 60 inches tall. It yields up to about 400 grams per plant. It blooms for up to 10 weeks, and harvest time is around the end of 11 weeks.

Banana Dream Strain Basic Info

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