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bardownski seeds

Bardownski seeds

Huggable snowman and his friends.

Mix well together

Canada Day is almost here!

Click HERE to find out how to submit your own snowman picture for a chance to win prizes!

Livia’s mini-snowman built with very limited amount of snow!

Spray paint it white and let dry.

I love the versatility of eggs. There are numerous ways to prepare them and anything goes! From adding them raw in protein shakes, to a variety of cooked possibilities, they are the ultimate food that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as snacks.


The number of projects has flourished over the years. What originally started with agricultural competitions in the early 1900s 1 , has now evolved into an array of projects 2 . Here are a just a few:

“it is a really nice program and I love animals.”-Cassidy

Bardownski seeds

The worry about the former Colorado Rocky and Tampa Bay Ray was well founded. In his three full major league seasons Dickerson amassed a DRS of -1 in the outfield and a UZR of just 0.7, placing him as almost exactly an average defensive outfielder. Moreover, when Dickerson played in the spacious outfield in Colorado his DRS was -9 and UZR of -6.5, which rated him well below average. Since Dickerson had much more ground to cover in Coors’ Field, this was perhaps the better comparison for how he would perform in PNC Park.

The gathering place for Smizik on Sports refugees…..

Dickerson is a player that has been known in his career as more of an offensive threat, rather than for his defensive capabilities. Making the transition from the relatively smaller left field in Tampa Bay, to patrolling a larger left field for the Pittsburgh Pirates, left many concerned that Dickerson could be a defensive liability at a position that had been such a strong part of the Pirates defense during Marte’s tenure in left. The early returns, however, pose a very different view on Dickerson’s defense.

The Dickerson Defense

All in all, this new-look outfield seems to be better defensively as a team, than in years past. In 2017 the Pirates outfield as a team was slightly below average posting a -0.3% CPA per opportunity; so far in 2018 that number has improved to be above average at +1.4% CPA per opportunity, thanks in large part to Dickerson’s defensive improvement.