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basement marijuana grow

Basement marijuana grow

When using a CO2 enrichment device, consider these tips:

You can also install other reflective material in your grow space such as wall panels on your walls. Mylar and panda plastic are options to consider if you want an alternative to flat white paint.

Heat and Light

Odor control carbon filters can help minimize the smell of your garden. Before installing your carbon filter, make sure to invest in one that can handle your room’s CFM.


It is helpful to know your breaker box capacity for each outlet to ensure you do not go over it. A licensed electrician can help you ensure you have enough support for all your humidifiers, fans, lights, and more.

Marijuana advocate Joe Sullivan said the township is picking on this woman.

"Caregivers need to help patients. It's a lot cheaper to get it from a caregiver than to go to a dispensary," she said.

More than half of Michigan’s $3.2 billion weed industry came from illegal sales

After several courts sided with Pontius, the township appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court where the city got its way.

Judges can’t prevent people on probation from using medical marijuana, Appeals Court rules

Pontius admits she is a little bit nervous about going to jail but insists that her 55 marijuana plants are for caregivers and personal use.