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benefits of growing weed hydroponically

Benefits of growing weed hydroponically

One of the key characteristics of growing hydroponically is that it allows the production of high quality marijuana, even without ideal outdoor environmental conditions. By utilizing water, nutrients like Complete Hydroponics, and growing space more efficiently, growers are able to produce extremely high quality marijuana.

Perhaps one of the best things about hydroponics is how many setup options there are. You can build a fully functional and efficient hydroponic system with a few dollars worth of plumbing and home supplies along with a few specialized parts. They fairly easily assembled as well, with blueprints available all over the Internet. Growers can also decide to pay a substantial amount for a fully equipped hydroponic setup with the latest technology.

Larger/Healthier Yields

For some people, hydroponic weed is their main choice for growing. There are many reasons why cannabis grown hydroponically is the better than soil grown, but the reasons may not be what you think.


Hydroponics is also suited for environments with limited space or where the environmental conditions make it difficult or impossible to grow acceptable quality cannabis. Hydroponic systems can be designed to fit into a bedroom or even a closet, letting growers turn any spaces into a grow space.

The biggest reason why I am choosing to grow using soil as opposed to growing hydroponically is that most hydroponic methods involve the use of heavy metal fertilizers. That’s a deal-breaker for me.

As I touched on before in the soil portion of this article, hydroponic gardens are much easier to automate compared to a soil garden since the water is in a closed-loop system, and getting the water and nutrients to the plant is more streamlined.

Additionally, growing in soil is much easier to setup than a hydroponic garden. Put some dirt in a bucket and put the plant in. Compare that to hydroponics which often involves and elaborate setup with tubes, tubs, and other hardware.

The Pros Of Growing Hydroponically

Growing in soil makes it much easier to incorporate organic cultivation practices, which is something that is becoming increasingly popular. A grower can use organic cultivation methods when growing hydroponically, but it’s not as easy to do as it is with soil because a lot of what the plant needs comes from the soil, if done properly.

I am starting an indoor cannabis garden. I would love to be able to grow outdoors, as indoor gardens have a large carbon footprint. However, my back yard is not very secure, so outdoor cultivation is not an option. But the need is still great out there, so indoor it is.

The Cons Of Growing In Soil

To piggy back off the last point, growing in soil is often cheaper too because of the need for less equipment. I say ‘often’ because it depends on how much money a person puts into their soil. I have seen some fairly expensive soils used, which in the long run could perhaps be more expensive than a hydro setup would be, nutrients included.

Bugs and other diseases like to live in the soil. As a result, soil growers tend to have to deal with pests and other nuisances more often than hydroponic growers.