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berry snow cone seeds

Berry snow cone seeds

Flavors: An abundance of caryophyllene gives a lavender style combo of herbs and pine.

Appearance: With an array of purple fades, this cultivar will stimulate all 5 senses under any condition. Semi dense bud structure, but airy enough to resist mold and pathogens.

Aroma: A sour combo of burnt pine trees and a grape vineyard after a brutal storm in a National Forest.

Size & Style: A medium yielder that catches the eye with her large fan leaves, yellow pistils, and purple tones.

One of the strongest strains I ever had the chance to try. Highly recommended!

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Now we a re talking and this is the best flavor ever!

The flavor is great, but the odor isnt so much.

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Great pot for partying with Friends.

Smokers can taste Sabinene and Terpinolene in orange flavor. Snow Cone gives a pleasant mango finish thanks to Terpinolene.

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Snow Cone is an evenly balanced strain by 707 Seedbank. They came up with the idea to cross two prominent strains, Snowman and 707 Chemdawg. As a result, they received the potent Snow Cone cannabis, which the THC amount is estimated between 21% and 24%. It is recommended for skilled marijuana smokers. The CBD level is 0.41% -1.25%

Better than normal skunk