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bes led grow lights cannabis

Bes led grow lights cannabis

They also last much longer. You won’t have to change bulbs for at least 5 years, and often over 10.

Yes. The primary one is cost. They are a great value, but there are now similar lights from Chinese brands that sell for less (like the Spider Farmer and Mars lights below). Because HLG is an American company, you can expect better quality control and customer service than a Chinese brand.

The reason they cost less is that SF is a Chinese brand. They are not as reliable as HLG and do not provide the same excellent customer service. However, they are still far better than most Chinese brands, which is why we consider them the best value currently available.

Pay a little more for a huge jump in quality, in terms efficiency and light spectrum. If you are not willing to do that, you are not yet ready to switch to LEDs.

LED Grow Lights Are The Future

LED plant lights are commonly used for the following applications.

But there are downsides. Well, one big downside. And that is the proliferation of low-quality LED lights.

I would still go with HLG, but only just barely. They introduced the quantum board lights and they are located in the US. But if you want to save a bit of money, Spider Farmer is right there.

Features Of The Spider Farmer SF Series LED Grow Lights

The Phlizon COB lights ship with an adjustable ratchet hanger, a hanging kit, a power cable, grow glasses and a thermometer and humidity monitor. They are covered by a 2-year factory warranty and have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Quantum boards have several advantages. The biggest is light spread. Because the fixtures are much larger, with many small diodes, they are able to provide a more even coverage than fixtures that are smaller and spread their light out from a more central point.

Bes led grow lights cannabis

As a plant that does not have sufficient lighting in veg will not produce as well in flower. That said, the spectrum with the most blue did produce the flower with the most terpenes and THC.

With all of these factors above, how do we answer our initial questions?? Quite frankly, there is no simple answer! Every grow is different – from different: strains being grown, growing climates by geography, style of growers, indoor versus greenhouse, etc. All of these factors will weigh heavy on what is better for you!

Cannabis Research in Canada

This is congruent with other findings that some added blue in flower will cause this. But the reason we see these amounts vary is because every strain reacts differently to different spectrums. Keep in mind that the cannabis plant grew in nature all over the world at different longitudes with different spectrums. With all of the variations of cannabis strains in today’s market made from these ancestral plants from all over the world, each will perform differently under different spectrums.

HPS or LED: A Key Factor to Consider

LED technology has only been available on a commercial level in the horticultural industry for around three years. So realistically, they would only have had time to trial a limited number of spectrums that may yield good results for one or two strains/cultivars. We simply have not had the technology long enough to perform the testing needed!