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best cfl for growing weed

Best cfl for growing weed

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When I say you want to aim for 100 watts per square foot, I am referring to the actual wattage.

I used 6 x 125W CFLs in 3 Reflectors (2 bulbs per reflector) in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m Grow tent. I even switched from Blue (6700K) to Red (2100K) bulbs when switching to flowering.

Where do I get CFL bulbs?

The problem is that fluorescent bulbs do not have great penetration. That is why you hang them so close to the pants. With fewer powerful bulbs, you have to hang them further away and are more likely to get shadows. More bulbs that are less powerful allow you to hang them close and to completely bathe your plant in light.

In addition, bulbs that are specifically labeled as grow lights are almost always overpriced. Regular old fluorescent bulbs are every bit as good and do exactly the same thing, but they cost far less.

This article covers how to figure out how much light you need with LEDs:

Actual Watts Or Equivalent Watts?

You can buy CFL bulbs pretty much anywhere. If you want to get them online, Amazon has some good options. Their value packs are especially good deals. You can get all the bulbs you need in one pack.

Ideally, you want 100 watts per square foot.

Best cfl for growing weed

Let’s take a look at CFL lights for growing weed. There are quite a few options for lighting when looking to grow cannabis indoors. CFL lightbulbs are becoming more popular because they are beginner-friendly and easy to use. The best CFL lights for growing weed will help you produce more marijuana in small spaces than you thought was possible. If you have a small space that you want to utilize for growing ganja, CFL lights may be the best option!

What Are CFL Lights?

Many novice cannabis growers do great with CFL setups during the vegetative stage but fail when the plants go to flower. If you want bigger, denser, more potent buds, you need maximal light intensity.

How Many CFL Lights For One Plant?

Using CFL bulbs allows you to use daylight mimicking CFL bulbs during the vegetative stage of the plant’s life and use a softer light for the flowering cycle. You don’t want to use a soft white CFL for vegging as it is closer to the sunlight in Autumn when plants start to flower. However, if soft white is all you can find, it will still work as long as you have enough wattage to supply ample light to each plant.