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best cfl lights for growing weed

Best cfl lights for growing weed

CFL stands for “compact fluorescent light” and even though these lights can be found at any hardware or grocery store, they actually give off a really great light spectrum for growing marijuana.

Environment & Reflection – reflect light at your plants for bigger yields

Step 7: Harvest Plants When Buds Are Ready

Best cfl lights for growing weed

For the money, we think this is the best CFL light for growing cannabis.

1. Emart Full Spectrum Light Bulb – Best Overall

You can also spend a bit more and get the Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLCDG125D CFL System for multiple plants.

Small & Low-budget Grows

This is a four-pack of day-light spectrum CFL bulbs for an absurdly good price that, combined, will be plenty to grow cannabis into maturity. The Philips T2 Spirals will not last as long as the aforementioned Emart brand product; however, if a single grow is all you’re after, look no further.