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best grow kit for weed

Best grow kit for weed

It also could use a bit more height, though it’s sufficient enough. Just don’t let the plants grow too tall. Something stubby like an Indica is best in here; a Sativa may need some trimming. Overall, this is a well laid out product that comes with a lot of nice equipment for first-time growers and is our choice for best grow tent kit this year.

1. BloomGrow Grow Tent – Best Overall

TopoGrow’s kit comes with a pretty standard full-spectrum 300w LED and a 4” inline fan w/ filter. What is cool about this product is the size of the tent itself. It stands just over 5’ tall (63”), comparable to the height of a refrigerator, and 2’x2’ wide. This gives a lot more room for growth without having to ensure the plants stay as low as possible.

2. TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete – Best Value

It’s a great tent and we definitely recommended it to growers who can handle buying their own timers, meters, sheers, and growing medium.

Best grow kit for weed

Indoor grow tents are ideal for beginners because of their simplicity. We all aspire to grow like the professionals: massive warehouses with the endless horizon of cannabis plants gently flowing from the ventilation.

We give you this absolute monster from Gorilla! If you’re after something bigger than what’s already on the market, but not quite ready for a full-on grow operation, then the Gorilla SuperRoom Smart Grow Room is the one for you.

With its durable 1680D Oxford cloth exterior and energy-efficient design, The Bud Grower is perfect for anyone looking to take their homegrown cannabis operation to the next level.

The grow tent is large enough in size to cater for many plants, measuring at 48” x 48” x 80”.

Grow Tent Kits & Adjustability

The tent itself is built from 600 denier Oxford cloth and contains a large, heavy-duty zipper to protect any light from escaping. This zipper is double stitched for extra leak prevention, meaning less chance of any metabolic change to your plants.

Although it does come with a fan, the tent would ideally need a second fan for optimal airflow circulation.

The grow tent comes with an activated carbon filter. This filter counters any odor by using coal-based carbon activation technology and also comes with changeable Velcro Pre-Filters.

Spider Farmer Grow Tent Kit Complete

If you’re looking to grow big, then you have to spend big, and in the process, you’ll inevitably reap a bountiful harvest growing with the Gorilla SuperRoom Grow Kit!

They also help with containing the pungent smell of cannabis. If you’re growing in a dedicated room, it’ll be necessary to filter the smell from the entire space.