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best growing method for cannabis

Best growing method for cannabis

When the marijuana industry first moved to indoor growing, farmers began to use artificial light to control flowering times. This meant that they could increase yields and shorten harvest times by growing more plants in a smaller space, a method now known as a Sea of Green. But this was not always a popular method for growing.

Brief History of the Sea of Green (SOG) Method

Now that you’ve chosen the plants you want to work with, it’s time to start growing with these basic rules-of-thumb:

Determining How Many Plants Per Square Foot Using a Sea of Green

The number of plants per square foot should be determined based on how much space you have available. Using the SOG method of cultivation, we generally recommend 1 plant per square foot, with no more than 2 plants per square foot max.

Best growing method for cannabis

Lollipopping will get rid of the extra, unwanted parts of your cannabis plant so that your young plant can put its energy into growing bigger buds and giving you a better yield in the end.

If you are getting close to the light still, you can Super Crop your plant. This is basically bending it once to get it to a new (often horizontal) position. It’s achieved by selecting where you are going to bend your plant and in which direction. Then simply hold the stem in your fingers and pinch, twist a bit and bend. You are wanting to soften the stem enough to enable you to bend and not break it. You will be able to achieve a 90 degree angle, allowing for extra space and for the buds to grow up again.

4. LST (Low Stress Training)

Topping keeps the plant wider which means more of the plant will be directly under the lights, letting the whole plant grow stronger. With this practice, you will have to add some additional time to vegetative growth stage as it does cause some stress for your plant.

One of the toughest things to manage in any indoor garden is height. Sometimes you come across a strain or plant that wants to become a tree (yes we are looking at you sativa dominant strains!). In this case we can utilize several methods to keep the plant away from burning on the grow light.

7. ScrOG/SCROG (Screen of Green)

Flushing is where you pour clean water through the soil of a plant in order to flush out all of the nutrients and solids. This is done if the plant is in distress and needs to start with fresh nutrients and growing medium. In a hydroponic system , the water reservoir is drained and refilled with fresh, plain water.