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best led for growing cannabis

Best led for growing cannabis

In addition to discolored leaves, too much light can also “bleach” the tops of buds

Actual Power Consumption: 520W

Quality (potency, smell, trichome development) and ease of use are important to you

Cannabis plants grown by depthchargeseeds under an HLG 300 Quantum Board LED grow light (check out their Instagram profile!)

LEDs vs Other Popular Cannabis Grow Lights

Average Yields: 3.5-4+ ounces – keep in mind that the strain (genetics) and any plant training you do makes a huge difference in your final yields

With LED grow lights, you will generally get better results with many smaller LED panels, as opposed to a few big LED panels. For example, you will often get better results with 2 x 125W LEDs (total 250W) than you would with a single LED model that produces 250W. This is because more panels often make it easier for you to spread the light to where it’s needed.

HLG 65 V2 Quantum Board (all versions work well from seed to harvest)

Spider LED

The “spider style” LEDs are similar to Quantum Boards in that the individual diodes are spread out and tend to be on the smaller side, but they are set on a panel with “arms” like a spider as opposed to a solid board. One very popular example is the SPYDRx line of LED lights. These typically have an extremely high price, but growers who use them swear they get better results than any other type of LED grow light.

The most important thing to remember about choosing LED grow lights….

Best led for growing cannabis

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You can also combine red and blue LEDs into one unit as your growing operation expands. So, instead of having to switch between different types of grow lights, you can set your grow tent (or area) with one of these babies, and you’ll be able to provide light to your plant through its entire lifespan.

Light Emitting Diodes represent the latest technology in grow lights. Although they can cost up to $500 for a single unit, you can find plenty of models that offer the same functionality at a fraction of the cost.

#5 Growstar 300W UFO LED Grow Light

If you’re impatient to see what products I featured in this article and their specs, here’s a nifty little table.

But, before I start talking about different types of grow lights and which ones are best for what, I have to talk about the light spectrum.

You have to buy a lot of equipment, from seeds and nutrients to lighting and ventilation. Advanced equipment like temperature controllers and CO2 regulators will set you back even further. No matter how you look at it, the cost starts adding up quickly.

#3 Sun System Grow Lights

You can find out much more about light spectrums and grow lights in general in my earlier post.