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best led grow lights for cannabis

When growing outdoors you can harness the power of the sun, but in an indoor environment, sunlight is mimicked through the use of grow light bulbs, which aim to display the same spectrum of light as the sun.

Factors to consider before buying a grow light

You can find HID reflector hoods, as well as MH and HPS bulbs at any local grow shop.

MH (Metal halide)

Here are a few different HID grow lights at different price points.

Best led grow lights for cannabis

Sun System Grow Lights

Spectrum-wise, this grow light emits light in both UV and IR, which means you can use it thought your plant’s entire lifespan. Not only that but to ensure your plants grow strong and healthy, it boasts a 9-to-1 ratio of the red and blue spectrum. Thanks to this ratio, your plants will grow to be vividly green and healthy.

HID Lights

If you’re impatient to see what products I featured in this article and their specs, here’s a nifty little table.

Today, I’m going to talk about what you should look for in a grow light if you’re on a tight budget followed by my selection of best cheap grow lights.

#3 Sun System Grow Lights

The central COB in this affordable ufo grow light produces 3000k warm light that contains all wavelengths, while the surrounding Bridglux/Epileds produce additional red and blue light that is needed throughout your plant’s lifespan. Don’t worry, it also has UV and IR diodes, so you can use it for germination.