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best place to grow weed indoors

Best place to grow weed indoors

Most grow lights get at least a little hot. Therefore, unless you have a relatively small light or your grow space is naturally cold, you likely will want to find a way to vent out heat.

An indoor grow needs access to electricity for the fans and light. So if you want to grow in your attic but there are no outlets up there, you have to figure out a way to get electricity. Additionally, you want to make sure the electrical circuit is able to support your grow light and fans without short-circuiting. If you’re growing with one or two mid-size grow lights, you probably don’t have a whole lot to worry about unless you have a whole lot of things plugged into the same circuit. But if you’re going to be growing with a lot of big lights in the same room, you might consider running a new source of power to the fuse box just for your grow room.

6.) Electricity

If you’re not sure, I highly recommend a 2’x4’x6′ grow tent for beginners. It’s small enough that you have easy access to all your plants but big enough that you don’t need to worry about height and can harvest up to a pound of buds (or even more) if you use it correctly.

Best place to grow weed indoors

Climate is a factor for both commercial and hobby gardeners, explained Rosenthal. Plants need sun and warmth to thrive. Latitude makes a difference in daylight hours and length of grow season. Living situation also plays a part. If you’re in a city or worry about your neighbors, indoors would make more sense, Rosenthal said.

Factors to consider: price, climate, and quality

The key mistake, according to Rosenthal, is not adapting to today’s legal climate. Prohibition era thinking persists, keeping the fallacy alive that a larger plant is better. Small, single stem plants can produce more flower, while larger plants spend more energy on growing stalks and leaves. Gardening is really all about the harvest, said Rosenthal, so that’s wasted energy.

Growing weed outdoors

“We respect the plant. But it’s also just a widget,” said Matt Rogers, Organigram’s Senior Vice President of Operations.