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best state to grow weed

Many states that permit possessing only medical marijuana also let individuals grow their own. Arizona, Florida and New Hampshire are just a few examples.

Another cold state on the other side of the continent, Vermont, takes the prize for the fewest legal pot plants, however. If you live there, you are permitted to grow just two “mature” plants, although four “immature” plants are permitted.

The simple answer: it’s complicated. But DripWorks is here to clarify matters as much as we can with our rundown of states where you can grow marijuana.

As you probably know, there has been a growing trend to legalizing cannabis in recent years. Ever since California became the first state to legalize marijuana for medical use in 1996, other states have been lining up to follow in that progressive state’s footsteps.

Medical Use Only States

In addition to these fully legal states, another 18 states have legalized marijuana for medical use but not for recreational purposes. These include some places that might surprise you. Traditionally conservative states like Utah, North Dakota and Arizona belong to this group, as do Southern states like Florida and Louisiana.

Generally, you can grow pot legally in many of the states that have legalized marijuana. States that have approved cannabis for recreational as well as medicinal use generally have the most liberal growing laws. Alaska allows the most pot plants to be grown by individuals. Alaskans can better get through their frigid winters thanks to the state’s law allowing individuals to grow as many as a dozen pot plants for recreation or medicine. That may make it the best state to grow marijuana in if you happen to be looking for quantity for personal use, at least.

Cannabis is easy to grow, so really, you could grow it in any state of the union at the right time of the year. But to grow it legally? That’s where the complexity comes in.

Where It’s Legal to Grow Cannabis

Whether you like to take a tiny toke now and then or have been thinking about getting into the burgeoning cannabis industry for fun and profit, you may have wondered what states is it legal to grow marijuana in?

Many states have made cannabis legal for medical use. Starting with the states of Washington and Colorado in 2012, others have followed to legalize it for recreation as well as health.

Best state to grow weed

Data from 2006 shows California is the leading state for outdoor production of marijuana, followed by Tennessee, Kentucky and Hawaii, according to the Bulletin for Cannabis Reform.

Average annual percentage of sunny days

Average annual sunshine: 55%
Average annual precipitation: 42.4 inches
Average annual high temperature: 63 degrees
Population density per square mile: 2,108
Medical marijuana legal: No
Recreational marijuana legal: No
Number of people in state per 1,000 seized marijuana plants grown outdoors: 124

11. Indianapolis, IN

Average annual sunshine: 56%
Average annual precipitation: 47.3 inches
Average annual high temperature: 70
Population density per square mile: 1,721
Medical marijuana legal: No
Recreational marijuana legal: No
Number of people in state per 1,000 seized marijuana plants grown outdoors: 6.8

Here are the seven best state to grow marijuana, based on both climate and legality:

7. Tennessee

Massachusetts was the first state east of the Mississippi river to legalize recreational marijuana, and it’s also a great place to grow cannabis. It doesn’t get too hot, and it also doesn’t get too much rain. The winters are pretty cold, so you won’t be able to grow year-round like other places, but the rest of the year is perfect.