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best store bought soil for growing weed

Best store bought soil for growing weed

Irrigation in soil is easier than with hydroponic systems, as is fertilization. With so much information gathered from thousands of years of growing, you can quickly become a soil expert as long as you read the right articles!

Quality Soil for Cannabis

If you are a beginner grower, you must purchase your soil from a garden store. Did you know that the vast majority of expert growers also buy their soil? A handy tip when talking with a store employee is to ask about the right kind of soil for tomatoes. It is an excellent option if you feel uncomfortable disclosing your desire to grow weed!

Best Soil for Growing Weed Outdoors

There are a large number of soil brands available, which is both good and bad news. You get a lot of options. However, with so many choices, how do you determine the best soil for growing your marijuana? The key is to analyze your situation, and our guide will help do the rest.

Yes, my advice to use Miracle Grow as a starter soil somehow makes me as bad as hitler.

Yes, my advice to use Miracle Grow as a starter soil somehow makes me as bad as hitler.

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Edit: Fox Farm, Roots, Organics, Dr. Earth, Ect. are all great soils and have less chemicals in them, but are much more expensive. I can pick up a bag of Miracle Grow for $5-10 or I can spend $320+ on those other "super" soils and get the same results.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but that’s because they don’t know what they are talking about.


Anyone who tells you Miracle Grow is terrible for your plants either:
A) hasn’t used it, but believes that miracle grow is bad because a friend of a friend said so, or someone on a forum said it was terrible and will instantly kill your plants
B) had a friend that used it with bad results (most likely due to user error)