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best way to grow weed indoors without getting caught

Best way to grow weed indoors without getting caught

It will cost you extra, but it’s well worth it. These companies also offer a reshipping guarantee if you don’t get the seeds. The best companies package the seeds so well that the Post Office fails to see them even if they open the parcel.

If you live somewhere like Alabama, you had better not get caught! Possession of any amount of cannabis for personal use is classified as a misdemeanor. It carries a possible punishment of a year in prison plus a $6,000 fine.

Rule #2 – Thou Shalt Exercise Discretion with Online Purchases

Even if you live in a state where it is legal to grow marijuana, it is always best not to attract attention. Cannabis is federally illegal. There is always a (slight) chance that the Feds come banging on your door one day.

Rule #7 – Thou Shalt Understand Electrical Safety & Technology

It is also a fact that some strains are a lot smellier than others. We would recommend growing Ice, Blue Mystic, or Northern Lights. None of this trio smells like ‘typical’ weed. It is also important to remember that the smell gets a lot more intense at harvest time.

Best way to grow weed indoors without getting caught

Low-odor strains include Northern Lights, Papaya (smells tropical), Jock Horror, Ice (smells like jet fuel), and Blue Mystic.

Not everyone can construct a secret grow room behind a bookcase, but in this stealth tutorial, I will share a few simple but effective strategies that make it almost impossible for anyone to discover your marijuana plants.

If someone isn't growing with you in a place you share, they shouldn't know about the grow. Simple as that.

Don't spend your life behind bars

Being a grower is great. I personally love the process of growing! Not only is it a fun and rewarding hobby on its own, growing your own supply of marijuana saves tons of money compared to buying it. Plus, you basically get access to unlimited amounts of the highest quality weed!