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best weed grow tent

Best weed grow tent

Extra height lets you use more powerful lights and grow taller plants (with bigger, longer buds!)

To get better airflow without light leaks, you can make a little “window” or light trap facing down (using the built-in intake vents) to let air through, but not light

If possible, I recommend getting a tent that’s 6 or 7 feet tall so you never have to worry about running out of height. This easily supports up to a 400W grow light. However, very tall tents in this size are relatively rare and it’s much more common to see grow tents that are 2’x4’x5′. The shorter versions will also do the trick (and can support up to a 400W light if you have a great exhaust system and use careful plant training). Another advantage is that smaller tents are a little less conspicuous looking and people sometimes mistake them for a cheap Ikea-style clothing wardrobe. Just remember with a short tent to keep a close eye on plant height to make sure you don’t run out of head room as plants get taller.

It’s important that there is an air-tight line from the carbon filter to the fan (without any air leaks) in order to prevent smells from escaping the tent!

Best weed grow tent

If you want to make sure you have all the supplies to grow your marijuana, check the following guide:

If you do online research, you’ll see a few reviews saying light leaks through the zipper.

This grow tent is quite a bit cheaper than the premium brands like TopoLite and Gorilla, while offering close to the same quality and conveniences:

Proper ventilation is crucial if you want to prevent your tent from getting too hot and putting stress on your plants, and with the Gorilla tents, adequate ventilation is a given.

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Is the chances of you getting a zipper that is light-tight, is much higher.

The inside of a TopoLite Dark Room Green Box grow tent will be pitch black, straight out of the box.

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4. TopoLite Indoor Grow Tent Dark Room Green Box (Most Light-Tight Tent)

The build quality is slightly lower than the Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line though.

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