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big skunk korean seeds

Big skunk korean seeds

One might expect Big Skunk Korean to have a primarily skunk-like aroma. However, it instead provides floral hints, including the scent of lavender. It takes some grinding to truly bring out the famous skunky smell.


It seems to have an interesting connection to Korea, but its lineage isn’t entirely clear. It’s likely a cross between Skunk #1, a classic skunky strain, and Big Bud. It is seemingly a relatively balanced hybrid, though its effects can lean towards sativa.


The buds of Big Skunk Korean are large and resinous. On occasion, the leaves have a purple tint, and you will spot plenty of trichomes as the plant flowers.

Big skunk korean seeds

Korean Skunk are the genetics that changed the cannabis world. A rare landrace strain that was not only difficult to find, but very dangerous to smuggle out.

Korean Skunk is the secret to all of our greatest strains. She’s a untouched IBL Korean landrace maintained to perfection by the moutain dwelling Monks. Though they didn’t spend their days talking, they spend it grooming the finest strain on Earth. And they protected this strains for thousands of years using their highly honed taekwondo skills to fend off any outsiders. The only way to be granted access to this strain was to help rebuilt one of their important Temples.