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bio-dome seeds

Bio-dome seeds

On a regular planting schedule, I could be planting at least 100 or more seeds at a time, several times a season. That is because I grow plants for outdoor and indoor gardens. Additionally, what I plant is not just for my own garden spaces. I also plant for community, friends, gifts, and charity.

I like the rapid rooter plugs from General Hydroponics for my planting needs more.

Can You Buy 12 Plants at a Nursery or Box Store for $3? You Would be Fortunate to Find One Plant for $3.

For the Average at Home Grower

Distinct Advantage Of Seed Growing

Please do not mistake what I say here. If I was growing purely for a small garden, I am happy. I would likely have never looked elsewhere after finding these. This is based strictly on my planting amounts.

Park Bio-Dome Benefits


Looking into larger spaces and gardens, additional sizes or options may be needed.

Transplant. Remember to sterilize the new containers, and splash some rubbing alcohol on your own hands. Using a fork or chopsticks, tease out the seedlings, grip them by their leaves, not the stem, and shake off the dirt around the root ball. Plant them gently in their new pots filled with potting mixture and return them to their former growing place under the same light. Plan on providing a weak fertilizing solution during this growth cycle.

Gardeners grow from seed for a variety of reasons. It’s cheaper and more predictable, especially if you are using seed saved from that tangy Roma tomato that did so well last year.

Our favorite mail order sources are Renee’s Garden (, Territorial Seed Co. ( and Kitazawa Seed Co. (

Heirloom lettuce seeds.

Out with the weak. After the first batch of true leaves appear — not the initial starter leaves — thin out the weaker shoots, and get ready to transplant the remainder to larger four-inch containers in a few weeks.

Mycelium growing in coffee. When it starts to branch into threads it is known as “mycelium running.”

Choose the right containers. The initial containers should be at least two inches deep, have small holes in the bottom, and can be made out of cardboard, rolled newspaper, paper cups, or reused (and sterilized with a bleach solution) plastic six-packs. Recycled egg cartons as seed starters is a nice idea but they are not deep enough.

Let there be light. Once the first green shoots pop up, remove the plastic wrap and give the seedlings lots of light. If you have fluorescent lights, hang them low over the seedling trays. The seedlings should have temperatures in the 70s.

Be careful not to overwater. Seedlings like it moist, not soggy, and too much water can lead to fungal problems and the dreaded “damping off” syndrome when seemingly healthy shoots suddenly collapse and die.

Bio-dome seeds

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“Flimsy” just means you can’t move them without some support like thin plywood or wood panelling or a doubled tray under the insert. And I would never try to move them with water in the tray: I always avoid standing water so as not to drown any roots.