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blackberry cannabis seeds

Blackberry was bred from a female Black Domina, a clone originally hailing form Seattle in the USA, and Nirvana’s own Raspberry Cough male. With lower night-time temperatures plants will turn lovely shades of purple making for very attractive, dense buds.

Blackberry is an indica/sativa hybrid of medium height that is primarily intended for indoor cultivation and produces yields of between 400 – 500 gr/m 2 in a flowering period of between 9 and 11 weeks. The tight leaf structure of the Black Domina has been carried over into Blackberry and its buds are fat and produce a thick, rich smoke complete with subtle flavours of Asian sativa strains. THC production is towards the high end of medium with high levels of CBD as well.

Blackberry is a fan favorite, providing equal sensations of relaxation and happiness. Blackberry marijuana seeds are balanced enough for all levels of smokers, from beginners to seasoned veterans. The last thing you should expect from this hybrid is feelings of paranoia, anxiety, and panic. This strain will have you thinking that everything is smooth sailing and A-OK. The indica effects relax the body and muscles, while its sativa side elevates your mood and fills the head with euphoric thoughts.

No matter the time or occasion, Blackberry has a place in your life. The effects are effective enough to make a positive change in your outlook, but subtle enough to keep your day on track. No couch lock, no drowsiness in the middle of the day. The calming effects of Blackberry suit consumers with anxiety, depression, and PTSD well. This strain can turn your bad day upside down and help you forget about the day’s stressors and worries.


Blackberry brings a balanced high thanks to its relaxing indica and euphoric sativa sides. The hybrid helps treat anxiety and PTSD while filling your room with the sweet smell of blackberries.

The aroma of Blackberry marijuana seeds fit their name like a glove. One whiff feels like you’re sticking your head in a bowl of ripe blackberries, plucked right from the woods. A bit of advice, though, the aroma is extremely potent and travels far. Because this strain grows better indoors, you should be cautious of the smell crossing over into the next room, or even the next apartment if you live in a shared building. It’s nearly impossible to mask the scent of Blackberry plants.