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blue dream cbd seeds

Blue Dream CBD is a sativa-dominant plant just like its famous non-CBD sister strain Blue Dream. It produces THC and CBD in the ratio 1:1 making it therapeutically useful for a range of ailments.

Blue Dream CBD is 65% sativa, 35% indica and is an extremely vigorous plant with a fast-growing root system. Its large but thin fan leaves are quite widely separated which gives very good light penetration so that interior bud-sites also receive plenty of light and so develop into good-sized buds. Indoor yields are approximately 350 – 500 gr/m 2 in a flowering period of 9 – 10 weeks. Outdoors yields can really take off with 2 – 3 kilos per plant or even more possible from plants that can grow to a height of 3 – 4 meters. Such plants should be fully mature sometime during October in northern latitudes. Where there are low temperatures at night this strain can exhibit lovely blue, purple and even silver colouration.

The aroma and flavour of Blue Dream CBD combines sweet berries, citrus and pepper. The amount of THC and CBD has been measured at 10% of each of these cannabinoids. Due to the high levels of CBD the potent psycho-activity usually associated with this strain is greatly reduced making it suitable for people who seek good medicine without powerfully debilitating effects. Low tolerance to high levels of THC is therefore no longer a hindrance to those who seek a medicinal alternative. The effect is very mild and somewhat energising.

Blue dream cbd seeds

Blue Dream CBD by Humboldt Seeds is a strong plant that’s easy to grow, and now you can use it for medicinal purposes thanks to its CBD.

How to grow Blue Dream CBD marijuana seeds

Outdoors, in areas such as balconies, terraces or fields, it’s the perfect alternative to conventional sativa strains. It grows quite compact, perfect for camouflaging if needed, but it definitely needs stable climate conditions. We recommend growing it in the sunniest area that you can in order to get a maximum of 700g per plant, that’ll be ready towards mid-October.

Learn to grow Blue Dream outdoors

Blue Dream CBD by Humboldt Seeds has the same flavor as the original, without as many psychoactive effects that THC has – thanks to the efforts put into its hybridization, it has a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio. Due to the increasing demand of these kinds of strains, this American bank decided to get involved and make their own therapeutic strains. Blue Dream gives enormously high yields of resinous buds that look beautiful.