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blue mystic seeds

Blue Mystic is a blue cannabis strain, that is to say that, especially as temperatures drop, the leaves and buds begin to display beautiful shades of blue and purple. It rarely grows taller than 100 cm. but yields can be considerable boosted by the simple expedient of pinching out the tops to create a much bushier plant with more bud sites and therefore higher yields. Indoors growers can expect to get 55 – 65 gr/plant which translates as approximately 400 – 500 gr/m 2 under 600 watt lights in an 8 week flowering period. Outdoors it does well in climate regions such as California or the Mediterranean countries, where it will produce up to 450 gr/plant, but it is not recommended to grow in the higher latitude countries of northern Europe. Northern hemisphere harvests will be during the month of October.

Blue Mystic is derived from one of the many cannabis strains that was developed in the Northern Calfornia / Oregon growing scene way back when. Its genetics are Blueberry crossed with Northern Lights. Although it is a short, squat plant it produces very good yields of deliciously mouth-watering 80% indica bud.

Harvesting at 8 weeks of flowering will give the very best flavour although leaving a further 2 weeks gives more of a heavy, all-round body stone. In order to preserve the full flavour of Blue Mystic Royal Queen recommends drying the plants before manicuring When this is done carefully the result should resemble drinking blueberry juice, sweet and tasty. THC production is high at 18% with medium levels of THC. The effect is typical of a potent indica with its full-body, relaxing stone that will soon have smokers stuck to the sofa.

Blue Mystic’s effects can go one of two ways. The indica side may make you relaxed and tired, while the sativa side can boost your mood and creativity.


Blue Mystic is a mystifying strain with 60% indica levels and 40% sativa levels. With this combination, your marijuana experience can go one of two ways. The first lends itself to common indica effects, feeling relaxed, calm, and even tired and hour or two after smoking. Blue Mystic marijuana seeds will not knock you out or leave with you with couch lock, but it can certainly aid in insomnia when smoked closer to bedtime.

The sativa effects of Blue Mystic work in opposite ways. While half of Blue Mystic consumers feel ready for bed or to relax at home, the other half experience an increase in brain function and creativity. This half may feel extra chatty, motivated, and happy. Blue Mystic is known to elevate your spirits and increase your overall well-being. Depending on which side you feel more (either the sativa or indica), Blue Mystic can be smoked either during the day or at night. It varies from person to person.