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blueberry auto cannabis seeds

Blueberry auto cannabis seeds

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Auto Blueberry Feminized is a species of feminized, autoflowering cannabis, which excels at quality. The plants that grow from these seeds are violet-blue, boasting a sweet, pleasant flavor, similar to that of blueberries.This type of marijuana is very popular and sought after, as it is easy to grow and look after.

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This strain can be cultivated in indoor and outdoor environments, regardless of the conditions. However, it will produce maximum results when cultivated in high-altitude areas, where the climate is warm: for example, in the Mediterranean area. Its lifecycle is short- approximately 10 weeks from germination- and it has a flowering period of 6 weeks. The resulting plants are easy grow and to take care of.


Delivery methods – Post, GLS, DPD, Econt, TNT, DHL, UPS, EMS, etc.

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Coupled with the sweet taste of fresh blueberries, our Blueberry auto-flowering is an almost pure indica, with an 80/20 split (10% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis). Mid-range on the THC scale (it tops out at 16%), you can expect that characteristic relaxation with a long-lasting lightness that can help combat stress and pain.

Everyone loves Blueberry Autoflowering marijuana seeds. Taste aside, this strain is an awesome pick for people seeking relaxation and a bit of euphoria, combined with a moderate amount of CBD.

Considered legendary after snagging top honors at the 2000 High Time’s Cannabis Cup, Blueberry auto-flowering marijuana seeds can trace their lineage back to the late 1970s, when American breeders were working with exotic landrace strains.

A moniker like “Blueberry” may suggest something dainty, but we guarantee there’s nothing demure about this fruit-flavored cannabis strain.


With colorful flowers and delicious aroma, Blueberry auto-flowering marijuana is decidedly fun to cultivate, and our auto-flowering, feminized version is great for beginners. Your pretty plants will be ready to help soothe your aches and pains or help you drift into a deep sleep after about 50-60 days of flowering.

If you like your strains juicy and sweet, try Blueberry auto-flowering marijuana seeds today!