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blueberry marijuana grow

Blueberry marijuana grow

If you have a garden behind your house will good air flowing through it, then this strain will thrive there. It just needs an environment like the sunny Mediterranean climate.

Keeping the environment perfect is the key to growing Blueberry Cannabis Strain on your own. This can be done by growing the strain indoors if you have got enough space for it.

Outdoors Cannabis Flowering Time & Yields

One thing to take care of is to control the amount of marijuana you smoke. Because this is a heavy Indica, it will make you feel sleepy if you overdo it. This can be an advantage for people who cannot sleep at night, though, but go light if you want to enjoy it for a long time.

This is MUST-TRY marijuana for every medicinal cannabis patient!

Indoors Cannabis Flowering Time & Yields

Although who doesn’t love the smell of fresh berries, right?

Blueberry marijuana grow

It must be said that production is not the Blueberry’s strongest point, but it is also true that it compensates for this with the quality of the final product. In indoor cultivation you can get around 15.8 oz per 3x3ft (450 grams/m2), a bit more if you are an experienced grower, but it will never be the yield of a Skunk or Haze hybrid.

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He was a big fan of the effect of sativas, especially from Thailand, but all the equatorial ones, so he worked with Thai Chocolate, Highland Thai, Colombian, Panamanian and Mexican among others. But those varieties had a problem in the latitude where he grew them, as they did not usually mature properly because the cold came before they finished their flowering cycle, except the Mexican ones that always ended perfectly.

Image of young DJ Short holding an Oregon Purple Thai*

Indoor and outdoor performance

It was 1979 and at that time were acquiring much fame indica varieties, plants that brought the hippies from their travels through the Himalayas and were a revolution, as they finished flowering long before the sativas, were more homogeneous, produced more and were easier to grow.

Daniel John Short (DJ Short) is one of the longest living cannabis breeders in history. He began his career in the 70’s on the west coast of the USA, more specifically in Oregon, where he gathered some of the Landrace genetics that were starting to reach this country.

That’s very difficult to say, since everyone has their own particular preferences. From our point of view it is the Original Blueberry, although we have tried old selections from the 90s of the Blueberry from Dutch Passion that are very good too. For the breeder the best one is the F-13, even if it is not exactly Blueberry, but the many variations of this genetic line have created a wide range of possibilities that allow him/her to succeed with all kinds of users, so everyone would have a favorite Blueberry.

✅ Genetics that make up the Blueberry variety

In Europe they are certainly the best known Blueberry seeds, but that does not mean that they are the best. This time 50 seeds of each variety were grown, but just like in Sagarmatha, the DJ was excluded from the selection of parents, so he decided to leave as well.

Initially, he crossed a male from Afghanistan with both the Oregon Purple Thai and the Highland Thai, which at that time had already changed its name to “Juicy Fruity Thai“. From the first crossing he took out a line that he called “Floral”, and among the offspring of this combination between Oregon Purple Thai and Afghani he found a new variety that has also gone down in history, the Flo.