Donald Owens
Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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For a down-to-earth strain, try the Blueberry autoflower seeds. This flower has been an underground cult classic as far back as 1970! You’ll be pleased with how easy it is to grow and what you can produce from these little wonders of nature – a great bud that looks amazing too!

This strain won the ‘Best Indica’ award in 2000, and for good reason. This plant looks great perfect for beginners!

The Blueberry Autoflower strain is a rare combination of Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa. The Afghani side comes from the Purple Thai Sativa which originated in Thailand, while the other half came from an unknown landrace that was crossed with DJ Short’s original mix to create this new autoflowering hybrid we know today.

With a wonderful and unique ratio of Indica to Sativa, this strain will be sure to please. The 85% Indica is great for relaxation without being too sleepy while the 15% Sativa provides that perfect balance you’re looking for in an evening smoke or daytime vape session!