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bonsai weed seeds

Bonsai weed seeds

Just like with the stem, you will have to bend the branches, and this is where the plant ties come in.

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A lot of people think that a Bonsai is a certain type of tree that grows small but little do they know, Bonsai literally means “planted in a container”, this art form refers to various training and pruning techniques that can be applied to certain shrubs and trees. Not all species can be grown this way but, luckily for you, cannabis is great for this technique so if you want to learn how to grow your own cannabis Bonsai, here’s our guide!

Step 2 – Providing support

Before starting you have to envision which shape you want to achieve and once you have an idea, hold the branches in the desired direction and tie them to the holes you’ve made on the pot.

The most important aspect of bonsais is the appearance, to achieve this you can use anything you want or have available but most growers will use a wooden stake next to the stem or trunk to be able to position the stem in any direction you need to, allowing you to reach the desired shape easier.

To perform these techniques correctly, you will have to use wire, string, or plant ties to bend a branch into growing in the desired direction, thus achieving the typical bonsai structure (when done correctly).

Step 5 – Reaping the rewards

To achieve this, growers plant their plants in a small container and apply LST and HST techniques while restraining and sometimes pruning the roots, which will restrict growth and result in the miniature size.

Due to the smaller size, it’s highly advised to use Indica-dominant autoflowers such as our Strawberry Pie Auto, which grows even less than Indica-leaning photoperiodic strains and will make it easier to control your cannabis bonsai’s height.

Bonsai weed seeds

Many growers recommend making holes around the pot so that the branches can be attached to the edges with a rope. This method, known as “low-stress development” is useful for growing bonsai vertically, to make it easier to handle.

It is an advantage that should not be underestimated: like traditional plants, these too, as we have said, produce children. However, they require fewer nutrients or resources, and the plant may also be able to produce buds.

First of all, the container choice is essential. We recommend, of course, that you opt for a smaller one.


The choice is extensive, and the results that can be obtained can be more than satisfactory. However, we remind you that in the UK, this type of cultivation is still illegal. But, it is quite possible to buy cannabis seeds of these particular varieties to collect them.

Equally important is the fact that keeping a bonsai plant from marijuana (mother) can be useful for obtaining new plants and diversifying their genetics. All this without the help of extra weed seeds.


If this concept is transposed to marijuana, it is clear that the choice of growing a bonsai can help growers who have the possibility of optimising the space available to them.

Before learning about growing a bonsai, those who do not know much about it should choose the type of marijuana seeds to use, and also learn about the legal terms for marijuana growing has precise limits and requirements, even if it is a bonsai.