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breathwork seeds

Breathwork seeds

Breathwork #1. It is vital that every breath be carried to every point within the body. Because the breath channels are so complex, breath requires our intention, our movement and our direction, so that fresh air may reach our vital organs. If the breath is whole, then the body will be filled with life. Focus on breath.

Breathwork #1 Lineage / Genealogy

The Mendo Breath #1 and Grateful Breath have joined hands to provide joy and wonder. These selections offer something unique in every plant. Discover a variety of OGKB-characteristics along with deep purple coloring and flowers covered in crystals.

Map of the Breathwork #1 Family Tree

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The Mastery of Creativity.

Ever found you go to help someone and get blamed for it? Or have you found yourself the victim of others? That’s when it’s too late to do anything! Notice the signs of this human dynamic before it happens, and use embodied practices to make fresh choices that don’t drain you, but build your strength. Use the Breath to step from drama to dharma.

G.U.R.U. Gee. You. Are.You.

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