Donald Owens
Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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Do you need to take a break from the stress and have some fun? Get ready for Bubba Kush autoflower seeds! These cannabis seeds produce high THC marijuana plants with potent couchlock that will help reduce any tension. Plus, it has just enough Sativa in them to put a smile on your face.

Bubba Kush auto plants are a 90% Indica strain with dense and compact buds. Expert growers can reach up to 22%. It is possible for bubbas to flower in as little as 6 weeks thanks to their Ruderalis genetics, which makes them an excellent option for newbies who would like quick results without compromising on quality.

A hybrid of the original Bubba Kush and an autoflowering Indica, Auto-Bubba has a unique blend of effects that make it perfect for those looking to keep their day or night going. With its origins coming from California originally but with some debate about where in specifically, this strain remains mysterious like many 90’s strains do. What is known however is its distinctly Indica genetics at play as well as inputting Sativa traits into what was once strictly an unknown source – which makes it great for keeping your energy levels up during any time period throughout the day!

Bubba Kush is a heavy-hitting Indica strain that, despite its name, has Sativa in its genetics. These small amounts of sativa would give Bubba an uplifting experience and a better outlook on life even if they are glued to their couch after smoking this weed or eating it as edibles. In fact, some versions have more sativas than others with one variation being completely dominant with only 20% coming from Indica genes while other variations may be almost all Indica but still get triggered by Ruderalis which speeds up plant growth making for easy harvesting just 70 days after planting your seed!

4 thoughts on “BUBBA KUSH SEEDS USA

  1. (5/5)

    I was first introduced to this strain in the late ’70s, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It has an earthy tone that is really pleasant for those who like their weed with some kick! My next grow should yield some truly great results as it’ll contain Bubba Kush amongst other popular hybrid crosses such as Hinduja 711 (a Sativa-dominant hybrid)and Durban Poison x Cherry Pie male strains from California dispensaries known collectively by many growers simply enough “HPS” – these genetics will be crossed onto a female plant of our own breed called ‘Bubblemegs’ after being pollinated by another very similar type: The Dieselxmas Special Seed Company #1 X Hawaiian Skunk No2.

  2. (5/5)

    I’m high as sh!t on Bubba Kush. I got it for the first time in crumble form and I love that strain because of how great it makes me feel when my mood is down, which has happened more than usual lately with all these bipolar disorders ( manic depression) symptoms coming out because things haven’t been going well at work since last year right before Christmas. I also suffer from chronic pain so yesterday was bad there really wasn’t anything to take away some pressure until somebody gave me this wonderful weed rug sample pack! This CBD-dominant Sativa looks like something straight outta Hollywood movies where they have lots of bud just waiting to get smoked then blown into smoke rings while singing karaoke songs.

  3. (5/5)

    One of my favorite strains for any type or degree of pain. It pretty much takes care of all your body’s complaints, including those really bad ones you have from time to time! Highly recommend having some with me on these days so I can feel better too. One thing about this strain is that it has an ingredient called CBD which helps reduce inflammation in our bodies – something we want when experiencing chronic discomforts like arthritis or joint soreness due to injury law problems.

  4. (5/5)

    This is my all-time favorite nighttime strain. The muscle relaxation and pain relief are perfect for a good night’s sleep, or any other medical issue you may have!