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bubblegum cannabis seeds

Bubblegum cannabis seeds

Bubble Gum Auto is a blast from the past. The effects are upbeat and joyful with a nice sense of clarity and creativity. An excellent choice for socializing, being out in nature going for a long walk, inspiring inner creativity, and having a motivated approach to the day.

This lady will grow quite tall and range between 80-130cm and will produce one main cola and long side branches. The buds will fill out every internode, frosting over everything in sight. A wonderfully sweet floral aroma that will make you think you are growing in a field full of strawberries. Her growth structure is bushy and will resemble characteristics of a Christmas tree, as she expresses her Indica and Sativa heritage. Her fan leaves will grow with a thin serrated pattern and will have a waxy look and feel, with medium-sized internodal spacing.

Smoke report

Original Auto Bubble Gum can grow tall in some cases, so it is best suited for growers who have plenty of height in the grow room. She will also produce an abundance of smaller leaves that are covered in precious trichomes, meaning that making hash with the sugar trim from this hybrid strain pays off big. She works well in a Sea of Green and is a perfect strain for beginner growers, who want a strain that delivers in all climates and has a strong resistance. This strain is well known for being a heavy feeder that can take high amounts of nutrients, without showing signs of deficiency or toxicity, and can also withstand long dry periods and harsher climates. We recommend plant training during the first 4 weeks to enhance yields further.

Plant Appearance

Her buds will be large and very dense, meaning that one bud can go a long way. The structure is quite compact and is encrusted in crystals, giving her a very sticky feel. When grinding a dry flower, the aroma is alluring and extremely fruity, floral, and sweet with a fresh strawberry edge. She has an impressive bag appeal and a great choice for commercial growers.

Bubblegum cannabis seeds

Bubblegum is a popular cannabis strain with a multilayered scent and sativa dominant qualities. Bubblegum began in Indiana as a special Afghani cross then made its way to Europe where, it was further developed by Serious Seeds and TH Seeds in Amsterdam. Bubblegum is a 60% sativa and with a THC content of 22-26%. High amounts of the terpenes myrcene and b-caryophyllene give Bubblegum its pungent fruity and earthy flavors. The Bubblegum cannabis strain has won numerous Cannabis Cups and strain competitions throughout the world.

Bubblegum flowers are compact and exhibit a range of colors from light green to red, orange and purple. Buds are abundantly frosted with trichomes and sticky all-over.


Bubblegum smells like a combo of sour strawberries mixed with cotton candy and fruit-flavored bubblegum. There is a well pronounced sweet strawberry flavour and it delivers a euphoric high, which are all trademarks of this famous Bubblegum strain.Smoking or vaping Bubblegum will bring out an earthy, floral hashish flavor. Some samples have a blueberry and vanilla sandalwood taste.

Flavors & Aroma

The high of Bubblegum is fast-acting, with an immediate head rush the can be disorienting for the uninitiated. Waves of euphoria and a tingly invigorating rush turn into a happy and relaxed feeling. On Bubblegum, everything around you looks like a high definition movie. Bubblegum helps relieve depression as well as proving effective at calming stomach and digestive problems.