Donald Owens
Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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A strain that is similar to the Green Crack, but instead of a grape flavor it tastes like diesel fuel or sour sauce. It has a high THC content reaching up to 30% as well as an earthy pine scent. The Sour Diesel can be quite potent so caution should still be taken when consuming this product, especially if you are new at a smoking pot or have never tried marijuana before in your life.

Are a type of cannabis that refers to the mature seeds from which marijuana plants are cultivated. They can be used as an ingredient in cooking or eaten raw (either whole, shelled, sprouted or ground into flour). From Wikipedia: “Seeds may take between five and twelve weeks for the plant to fully develop depending on various factors such as species variety and growing conditions.”

A seed is the plant’s means of propagation, often taking a year or more to mature. In order for marijuana plants to grow, they need both male and female strains of cannabis – which are grown from different types of seeds: “hash” (female) and “sinsemilla” (male). The female seeds produce hemp fibers; the males produce pollen sacs that contain THC-laden resin. This type of weed grows hairs on its leaves as it reaches maturity and can be harvested at this point in time after crossing over into its flowering stage characterized by an abundance of buds appearing all across the plant’s surface.

THC levels generally reach their highest when pollination takes place – during harvest season.”Cananbis” seeds that are genetically male and female can be “crossed” – or bred together to produce a variety of strains.

CBD oil is made from cannabidiol (CBD) extract on top of the stalk, while THC-laden resin falls below where itching hairs grow across leaf surfaces.

If you want less than 20% THC levels in your weed, then buy hemp seeds instead of marijuana ones; they’re legal to purchase online without a medical degree. The higher the percentage level for THC produced by this type of cannabis plant strain, the more likely it will have an impact strong enough to give users varying degrees of anxiety attacks and paranoia.”Crossing” different types has led some to create weed hybrids.

“Crossing” different types has led some to create weed hybrids.

Some of these new strains are called “Hindu Kush, which is a mix between the indica and sativa species plants. For those who are not familiar with the plant, Hindu Kush is a potent strain that comes from Afghanistan and offers a strong body high.