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bush weed seeds

Bush weed seeds

Please note all our images and descriptions have come direct from customers and breeders who operate in legal states, much different to that within the United Kingdom.

Please be aware, you should NEVER try to cultivate cannabis seeds within ANY jurisdiction where such cultivation is illegal.

Mullumbimby Madness x Kush

Our seeds are sold purely for the preservation of genetic material (if and when the laws change) souvenirs or high quality bird feed and should be treated as a curio or novelty item and should NEVER be germinated. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE LAW IN THE COUNRTY/STATE YOU RESIDE IN, SEEDBAY WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACT OF THIRD PARTIES !

Please welcome bushweed seeds to SeedBay, Including long flowering Mumbimby madness/Thai/haze crosses..


If you have problems with items ordered from a SeedBay vendor we suggest you try to contact them first. If you still have problems don’t hesitate to contact the SeedBay team via our contact page.

Bush weed seeds

Our young cannabis plants can only be bought in our branches, we do not send plants by mail.

Online dispatch of hemp plants

Do you tackle the most delicate phase of cannabis cultivation yourself and grow your plants directly from the seeds? Or do you even propagate cuttings yourself? If so, then you are probably not a beginner.

Enjoy our service and let us do the work of fostering your baby-plants

The usually rather rough transport by mail would cause a lot of stress for the young plants and weaken them. In the worst case the hemp plants would be treated improperly, damaged or crushed on delivery. Since the needs of our customers are our top priority and the best service is just good enough for you, we do not use online shipping.

I personally hope Kanga releases his Oaxacan pure, that I might pay for just wish I had climate, might have to spend a year in the Everglades. Lol


They probably are really good, it’s from Kangavita’s work and Nevil too. The prices are a little high and apparently Kanga just got out of prison and ain’t too happy. Kanga was talking about moving to Europe and selling seeds, but until then it’s just Bushweed with them genetics.


On my first free day I have to stand up and have my say.