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butterfly weed seeds home depot

Butterfly weed seeds home depot

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This milkweed also attracts bumblebees, eastern tiger swallowtails, fritillaries, hairstreaks, honeybees, painted ladies, pipevine swallowtails, and more. (If you know of other pollinators Asclepias tuberosa attracts, please share your sightings below.)

“I’ll order 50 to 60 of them, but the grower doesn’t always have that many available. They take a long time to propagate, so the grower will only allow me to get so much,” she said.


But a better strategy is to plant milkweeds native to Florida.

“We don’t have best protocols for a lot of these species,” Daniels said. “What soils they like, the moisture levels, seed storage. The nursery trade is just now learning how best to propagate them.”

And that has prompted several organizations to join forces to help make native milkweeds commercially available in Florida.

Stibolt said cutting back tropical milkweed in the fall can help reduce transmission of OE and force the monarchs to migrate. Milkweed is a tough little plant that will grow back in time for the return of the monarchs in the spring.

Year-round breeding might sound like a good idea for a threatened species, but researchers have found that butterflies that breed out of season are more prone to a parasitic disease called OE – Ophryocystis elektroscirrha – that can cripple and sometimes kill them. One way OE is transmitted is through milkweed leaves that are eaten by caterpillars.