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c3 seeds

Blue Lake Bush beans, also called snap beans. THE Bush Bean!
Germination test date and results will be on packet.

This makes harvesting very fast and convenient because by getting all your beans at once it’s helpful for freezing or canning. Also, by staggering planting times by a few weeks you can have continuous bean production all summer long.

They used to be called “string” beans because of the fibrous string that ran the length of the pods, but now with improved varieties, they are really “stringless ” beans!

C3 seeds

C) Special conveyor bowl with additional lateral opening for mechanically eliminating of accompanying substances, suitable for corn, cereals, soybean, paddy, etc. The height of this opening can be adjusted from 0 to 5 mm and allows unwanted accompanying substances laterally
be sorted out. Not suitable for parts smaller than 1 mm in diameter. Can be used with sorting elements FS0, FS1, FS2, or FS3 combined.

The C3 counter is controlled exclusively via a PC. Thus, new solutions for the ever-increasing demands of customers are possible. The results of all operations are logged and saved. This is an essential prerequisite for quality control and traceability of test results. The parts that can be counted with the C3 seed counter can be extremely small and irregular in shape. Therefore, they are very difficult to handle manually. Dosing these parts with scales is often faulty or impossible. Therefore, the use of C3 opens new options, as the number of smallest parts in the sub-milligram range can often be determined faster and more accurately by counting than by weighing. Additional measurements can be made with additional software modules. These are currently: direct determination of the 1000 grain weight and the grain size analysis.

Accessories for the Seed Counter model C3

E) The standard aluminum bowls can be treated or coated in order to satisfy specific requirements. With increased mechanical stress or when in contact with food, the surface can be hard anodized. A hard coating of nickel has a high surface hardness and is FDA approved, Polyurethane (PU) coating permits rapid transport of heavy mechanical parts and prevents noise and wear. Again, FDA approved materials can be chosen.

D) To meet the needs of various industries, the conveyor bowls can be made ​​of other materials . These bowls are for example extremely impact resistant or correspond to the rules of the FDA, etc. Such bowls can be made ​​from various basic materials like PEEK, Polyamide (PA), Polypropylene (PP) and others.

Technical data

B) Special sorting elements instead of FS0: