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can i grow marijuana in washington

Can i grow marijuana in washington

“We also, of course, have great concern over the exposure to children,” McMahon added at a Jan. 15 public hearing.

House Bill 1019 would limit each adult to six home-grown plants. No more than 15 plants could be cultivated per household, limiting the ability of roommates to band together and create a small-scale marijuana farm.

Timothy Nadreau, a research economist at Washington State University, said he studied how allowing marijuana home growing would affect state revenue. He concluded that cannabis tax collections would most likely continue to increase if HB 1019 passed, in part because home growing could boost people’s interest in cannabis products.

But it’s not clear that the state’s tax collections would be hurt by allowing people to grow marijuana at home.

Washington’s ban on home growing puts the state at odds with most others that have legalized recreational pot use. Of those 15 states, at least 10 allow home growing, including Oregon, Vermont, Nevada, California and Colorado. Last fall, voters in South Dakota, Arizona and Montana also approved ballot measures that legalized growing marijuana at home.

Counties and municipalities can also prohibit marijuana producers or processors in areas zoned for residential or rural use. Moses Lake, for example, limits producers and processors to specific industrial areas. Some Washington cities don’t allow marijuana businesses at all, including Leavenworth, Poulsbo, Pomeroy, Othello, and Richland.

Step 5: Hit All the Requirements

Just note that when you buy a business, you don’t just get the good stuff. You also take on any debts or contracts, so be sure to do your research.

Does Washington require that my marijuana-producing facility be covered by a particular kind of insurance?

What makes growing weed more difficult than other businesses is that entrepreneurs may be hard-pressed to find financing options through traditional methods. Due to federal banking restrictions, banks may not want to offer a small-business loan to a “risky” venture existing in federal gray area. As a result, you may need to seek out investors.

The Prohibit Marijuana Cultivation, Processing, and Sales in Residential Zones Measure (#1117, 1123) was not on the ballot in Washington as an Initiative to the Legislature, a type of indirect initiated state statute, on November 2, 2021.


The requirements to get an Initiative to the Legislature certified for the 2021 ballot:

Path to the ballot

On its website, Cannabis Not Nextdoor argued, “The State of Washington has legalized the use and sale of marijuana, and safety became a concern for many residents. The common complaint is the use of residential zoned homes for growing marijuana on a large scale. The homes that grow marijuana are not in compliance with the regulations of the Liquor and Cannabis Board. This illegal activity is often hard to detect due to the theft of electricity and water.” [3]