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can i grow weed in a storage unit

Can i grow weed in a storage unit

When moving out of one home to another, a self storage unit is a perfect storage solution for many things, but there are a few items that for safety and legal reasons, cannot be stored. Like any other rental space, there are limitations in your lease on what you can store, and if you fail to comply with these policies and regulations, you could be responsible for any potential damage that may occur. To save you time and stress when you are in the middle of your next move, here’s a list of things you should never put inside your storage unit.

1. Food & Perishables

Only vehicles that are registered, fully operational, and have storage insurance may be stored at a storage facility. This includes cars, trucks, boats, trailers, RVs and motorcycles.

7. Unregistered Vehicles

With the legalization of cannabis, you may be wondering if you can store it inside a storage unit. The simple answer, no. You cannot store or grow cannabis inside a storage unit.

To start, there is a 4-month minimum to rent a unit. Thereafter, our unit rentals are in 2-month increments.

Rates are for our turnkey grow solution and have no hidden fees and no haggle pricing. Depending on your Pod selection and the rental equipment package you desire, rates range between $179 – $349 per/mo.

-You will see something that exists nowhere else in the world.
-You will meet some cool people.
-You will not experience sales pressure.
-You can Grow or share your knowledge in the space.
-You will receive access to free Grow classes after the visit.

Green House Rentals is a grow equipment and supply company located within our Grow Space facility. Green House Rentals has an expert staff that can help you choose the right lights, grow systems, and equipment to meet your particular urban farming needs.


We have a multi layered approach towards prevention of mites, pollen, and other undesirables that starts at access control regarding clones, and continues with our extensive HVAC system including independent filtered fresh air intake as well as an independent exhaust for each Pod. In addition, our pest prevention measures include: natural predators such as predator mites, ladybugs and the special bean plant. Our vetted Dispensary sources provide clones that are guaranteed to be mite and disease free as well as assuring feminized genes.

To rent a unit, you’ll need to bring:

Please check our Pod page


Grow Space Storage is a real estate company that leases small indoor units for urban farmers who wish to practice indoor cultivation within a state-of-the-art facility. You will need to sign a lease as tenant to rent a unit. .

The process is easy!