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can marijuana grow in the cold

Can marijuana grow in the cold

Why? Because plants that are directly grown directly in the soil are more difficult to give them heat, if the soil is not hot. However, the pot will avoid this problem.

-Try a greenhouse in the garden: Better an outdoor crop in glass greenhouse. This is the main recommendation to be taken into account when you decide to grow marijuana in winter, as this increases the size of the vegetal mass and is less likely to be invaded by pests. Humidity is also well controlled in this way, as plants are not exposed to the rainfall regime.

And in case you don’t dare to do a winter crop, in other posts we will try to work entirely indoor, mentioning the best tips for your indoor crop.

Tips to combat the cold weather

-Grow Indica or hybrid strains: They are the ones that, in general, best adapt to this type of climatology. Later on we’ll give you some tips about choosing the best seeds for this kind of weather, but you can take a look at a longer article already published in PEV Grow previously which is about this topic. Sativa strains are better adapted to tropical climates, and therefore need a lot of light intensity.

Bruce Banner causes in general cerebral effects givind us euphoric and creative notes which spread in the body providing a state of well-being…

How cold affects marijuana

And when we speak of cold, we are not referring to temperatures below zero throughout the day and for long periods of time, since in those places it is difficult for this plant to grow; we are referring to climates where temperatures are maintained at an average of between 5 and 10 degrees, as is usually the case in the north of most countries in Europe or North America, as well as countries such as China, Pakistan or northern India, where the cold is present along the year in some of its most mountainous regions.

We also have the option of using a “blanket” for the floor, made of heat-absorbing materials such as a limestone blanket. It is a technique widely used in vineyards, to dampen the temperature differences between day and night. If there is frost, we will prevent the roots from freezing.

Can marijuana grow in the cold

Tip: If frost is expected, water your plants in the evening. This protects the roots from freezing.

Most of us are not so lucky as to live in a warm climate like Southern Europe or California. Growers in those locations can cultivate their ganja all year round without much trouble, but the short summers and long winters in our climate (Northern Europe) aren’t exactly ideal if we want to grow cannabis. Then again, growing cannabis in cold weather is possible if you know how to go about it. Even better, the chillier temperatures in our climate can actually have some advantages for growing weed.

If you’re growing cannabis indoors, as many do, the cold temperatures in fall and winter can actually be an advantage. This is true for growers who still use HID grow lights with MH or HPS bulbs. Although LED grow lights are becoming increasingly popular, the “old-fashioned” HID lights are still widely used among many. They are also the most affordable type of grow light, and cannabis growers have used these lights to successfully grow cannabis for a long time.

Better safe than sorry! If you’re growing outdoors, you never know what might happen. Even with the best planning, something unforeseen such as frost, unexpected storms, or animals taking a liking to your plants can always occur. If you keep a mother plant or two indoors in veg, you can ride out bad weather and other unexpected things. Should something happen to your crop, not all is lost because you always have a backup!

Select a proper grow spot6. SELECT A PROPER GROW SPOT

Those places around the world where cannabis grows out in the wild have plenty of sunshine, fertile soil, and an optimal outdoor temperature of 20–28°C. In Northern Europe, including the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and many other parts of Europe, we can feel lucky if we get such optimal outdoor growing conditions for a few short weeks in summer. Then again, this doesn’t have to be a problem if we grow indoors.

The colder weather in fall and winter isn’t just a concern if you grow cannabis outdoors. Low temperatures can also affect your grow indoors. Your plants may avoid the threat of frost if they are away from the elements inside your home, but the lower temperatures combined with high humidity can still cause problems. For example, this can greatly increase the risk for mould and bud rot. However, whether your plants can get over the colder months will depend on several key factors. One of them is what type of grow lights you use.

Building upon what we said earlier, autoflowers can be perfect for less than optimal conditions outdoors. Most autoflowers will only spend 30 days or less in the vegetative phase, and will then start to go into flowering on their own. Their entire lifecycle from seed to harvest can be as short as 8 weeks. This way, you can plan your grow perfectly so that you can harvest right before frost or rainfall. What’s more, autoflowers don’t rely on hours of light exposure like photoperiod strains do. This means you can set them outside to grow and flower independently of the season.


Some think that growing weed with good yields in Northern climates is only possible during the short months of summer. But this isn’t true. You can also grow cannabis in cold weather if you know how to go about it. Read on to learn how you can grow marijuana in cold weather!

The same is true for CFL (fluorescent) grow lights that are still widely used for vegging. Just like LEDs, these lamps hardly create any heat, so you will possibly need some heating solution to keep your plants happy and healthy.