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can weed grow beard

Can weed grow beard

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Does Weed Help You Grow A Beard: See Some Facts On Weed

So If You Ask Again;

Does Weed Help You Grow A Beard?

So if you are a regular smoker of Weed, be advised that this can be a cause for hair growth and loss.

Can weed grow beard

As Chad Garland of Stars & Stripes reports, a new rule took effect on Tuesday allowing all members of the Canadian military to rock a beard as long as they can grow more than just peach fuzz. “A member will … shave off unsuccessful attempts to grow a beard,” the policy says.

Canadian service members can consume pot as long as it is eight hours before duty, 24 hours before the operation of weapons or vehicles, or 28 days before high altitude skydives, military flights, or operations in a hyperbaric environment. It will still be banned from international operations, according to Reuters.

Last month, Canada’s military outlined new rules regarding marijuana consumption following the national legalization of the substance for recreational use that will take effect on Oct. 17.