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can weed grow mold

Can weed grow mold

White Powdery Mildew is a type of mold that attacks when your plants are growing in hot, humid conditions without a lot of airflow; WPM needs stagnant air to grow. It looks a little bit like someone dropped some flour on your leaves, buds or stems.

And in addition to increasing bud quality, drying and curing the right way prevents mold. The drying/curing process is a tricky time where it can be easy to create conditions where mold can grow overnight, so it's not a good idea to skip steps. But the most important thing you can do is check on your buds regularly so that you can react quickly if there's a problem!

Mold-Resistant Cannabis Strains for Indoors

Mold can come in many gross colors, including white, yellow, brown, gray or almost sooty black

A slow drying process is generally associated with a tastier and smoother smoke. However, if you’re finding mold in your harvested cannabis, speeding up the drying time by increasing temperature and decreasing humidity could save the rest of your crop from mold growth.

If growing outdoors, growing a cover crop—like clover—with cannabis can keep soil temperature more consistent while also protecting the topsoil layer.

Diagnosing and treating powdery mildew on marijuana

Growing in a greenhouse outdoors can help protect against bud rot. After a heavy rainfall, it’s beneficial to lightly shake each plant to get the water off.

However, if the infection is widespread, you may have to cut down the whole plant to protect the rest of your crop.


Efforts to prevent bud rot do not stop once buds have been harvested. Mold can also occur as cannabis buds dry and cure. Here are a few tips: