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cannabis grow equipment for sale

To use a timer is like a walk in the park. Just plug your light source to the timer and in turn plug the timer into your wall socket.

For example, a timer will automatically and reliably simulate the day and night cycles for your plants.

A grow tent is a primary necessity if you’re planning on growing cannabis or marijuana. It’s simply a private space for your plants to develop as they would in their natural environment. These tents are made out of durable, reflective materials which, when combined with proper light and nutrients, allow your plants to photosynthesize effectively.

Furthermore, these tents are portable and convenient. As they’re lightweight, you can easily carry and move them around the house when you need to. Similarly, there are foldable tents available for those of you who wish to relocate frequently.

Containers/Fabric Pot

As the plants enter the flowering phase, they start to give off that pungent odor we all know and love – unless you’re the neighbors. Carbon filters are the answer to that terpene-rich, skunky weed smell. You definitely don’t want to get a cheap carbon filter – make sure you stick to reputable brands when it comes to this essential piece of equipment!

If your seedlings are young, go for small containers. However, you will need to buy larger containers (measuring 2 to 5 gallons) to hold your cannabis plants as they grow.

Circulating fans simulate nature’s gentle summer breeze. The more the merrier here, just make sure they have adjustable speed settings – you’ll notice I said gentle breeze, not gusting tornado.

Circulating Fan

To ensure an optimum yield, you will need to make sure your room or tents are at the correct temperature and at the optimum humidity. A combination of thermometer and hygrometer will allow you to do just that, and they are cheap at less than $20. So, buy one!

Besides that, grow tents keep out the unpleasant aspects of indoor gardening from entering your personal living space. These include creepy crawlies and bad odor. Also, you can optimize the energy usage for your plants and regulate your monthly bills as well. Needless to say, a grow tent is an essential part of your indoor grow room setup if you want to optimize your yield to best possible.

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